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I burrow quickly after seeing a simmer, my cannon was sticking out of the dirt and I fired a few explosive shells at the general location of my cloaked foe before sinking completely under the dirt.
Smacks Mecha repeatedly. Tari is f!cking CLOAKED! you CANNOT see her even with that 'advance optical' crap. Also when the hell did Destron get a cannon?

IC: I walk over to the strange item on top of the wall. What the heck does this do?
Entering the sim room, I nod to Flint;
"Me and Sam got a bit bored with the wait, he'll be here shortly. Care to get our sim set up?"
I ask.
IC: Sam enters the room dress in his combat armor. "Right here"
The item glows slightly then disappears. Tari's range and damage is now doubled and her energy is halved.
"Well that was weird." I go to the side of the wall and with a couple well placed shots blow Destron's head to pieces.

I meant his multi purpose launcher. Also he could see the shimmer and he is burrowed you dumby
"Oh, so Destron can see Tari cloaked but she can't see Destron burrowed? No. No. I don't believe that's fair."
He can see the damn shimmer, has superior eyesight. You can't see much of a burrowed Zerg and even if you do shoot where he's burrowed the ground will be like a bit of a shield. And its over a general area.

ALSO I edited.
"My f*cking god, Mecha. He doesn't have damn detection. Also, Zerg can be seen underground. Just pay attention to the ground for disturbances. And that post of yours has been ignored, so a edit will not do anything due to what has already happened with Tari."
He isn't burrow moving, you can see a shimmer of a cloaker, and his eye sight is much superior.
Mecha in case you missed it her damage and range is doubled. The ground that is over you would maybe remove 1/4 of the damage depending on the weapon. Superior eyesight or not while burrowed you vision range is no more than a few feet around you. She was also watching you as you moved towards the middle of the map where the walls are. The shimmer only occurs if the cloaked individual is moving as the cloak has to compensate for the change in the surroundings.
I will edit the post if I have too. I understand my logic is a bit flawed. If you let me edit my flaws I will be perfectly fine. Just give me a chance to edit.
"Even if you don't burrow move you can notice disturbances in the ground, such as displaced objects. So I guess she would have two options, where you started, or where you are now, or, if you look far enough, where you started is crossed out. And still, superior eyesight or not, don't you think that the dirt will get in the way of your eyes anyways, essentially making you blind. When Zerg are burrowed they can see by more of senses in disturbance through the earth (I believe so), not through eyesight, so since Tari is on a wall, you can't see her even when burrowed. It's too late to edit Mecha, I believe we will disregard the last Tari post, but we are also disregarding the last Destron post. And Lekrog is right about the shimmer."
Read above post SF. I said I would be happy to change my post. Thank you.
Tari can sense destron psionically so you wouldn't have much with that and again Tari was NOT moving so there would be NO shimmer. I am remaining by my last post. Even burrowed you would die.
Nein, that kind of thing is not allowed in RPing. SF once said that in character versus character you should not perform definate actions like "LostMorph blows ShadowFury's head off" but rather things like "LostMorph shoots at ShadowFury's head"
Alright so Tari has just picked up the boost item and is on the wall. Destron is burrowed near the walls.

Go from there.

IC: Both sides forces press towards the center with the Colossi and Tanks firing at anything that moved in the middle of the field.
Mecha did you NOT read the end of the battle between me and zark?

IC: I stay still not wanting to attract the attention of the collosi.
"I prefer it, I never said it has to be."

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