PKA Second Class Tounament.

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OOC: Most of time.

IC: I stay burrowed, keeping very still.
Alright, as both contestants are using abilities not on their list, the match is restarting. All posts before this involving the second match are considered null and void as of right now. BUT, to be fair to Morph, Mecha, you cannot post an action until Morph is here.
I have had cloak since day one and you agreed to not having to put it on list. As for blink I used backpack from kasora mission to get it why you didn't add it is beyond me.

No ic till I get home
I forgot about Blink, I apologize for that, and you need to keep in mind that Part One was a good ways back.

Edit-Sorry, Morph, but for the sake of the RP, you can't have cloak as it isn't listed, same as Destron doesn't have burrow.
IC: I look around quickly and head for the wall in front of me.
I quickly look around and decide to slither towards the large wall, keeping low to provide a small target.
I blink on top of the wall and quickly grab the thing that was waiting there. I easily spot Destron and I lay down near the edge. I take aim and open fire.
I see her aiming and I quickly start to slither eraticly towards the wall, dodging her shots as their was no clear pattern to my movement. As I get closer I use my launcher to fire about 4 explosive rounds towards Tari's location.
I roll away from where Destron had fired at. I stop in a firing position and start firing again.
There is a faint blue flash, and the shots strike against something else. It appears to be a creature that resembles a hald dead human with sagging, grey skin. It appears muscular, but the muscles look atrophied and undead. It seems slightly surprised at the blow it just took, but turns towards you and gazes at you with blue/red eyes.

"Ddhhaat? Hbeeh ed dezzz? Ahm bheeerre? Hreeeehh?"

It looks around and seems disappointed.

"Deh, bedt. Gah baaahnd eemb bay ouwd eeerre."

It concentrates, then vanishes in a flash of blue light.
When the for rounds hit they blew large chunks of the top of the wall, leaving less room for Tari as I fire 4 more explosive rounds. As I got closer I stopped slithering forward and instead started moving backwards in an erratic pattern before moving forward, and backwards, making it so I would never get to far out of range or too close.
I send the new rounds over the wall and stop firing for a moment. I was waiting for Destron to make a mistake as I ready a ripfield mine.
I see her stop firing and I fire a few gas and fire rounds at Tari as I release Deathwing who races at Tari and fires 3 missiles before retreating back to safety as I continue my irregular pattern of movement.
Deathwing never gets to fire his missiles as he takes a couple rounds on his approach removing him from the rest of the match. I dodge the rounds from Destron.
As the rounds hit deadly gas is released and when the fire rounds hit it ignites the toxic gas making a deadly toxic firestorm. I go and retrieve Deathwing, he was severely injured and quickly dying, he would probably die but still even if he did the excess biomass would be useful.
I blink onto Destron's back and shoot him a couple times before placing a ripfield mine. I jump away and run out of range of the field just before it activates.
I quickly let out Razortooth and Enrage him, Tar could not out run him as the already fast Zerg became faster than a Zergling with Metabolic Boost on Creep. He tackled her and knocked her down and hopped onto her chest and his tail had begun to strike her face like an angry snake. I decided to consume Deathwing's biomass, using it to bolster my flagging strength due to the mine and I come up with a plan as wait for Tari to make her move.
I grab Razortooth and pull him away stopping his attack. I blast him with a couple psi-blasts before drawing a knife and removing his head. That just leaves Destron. I stand up and turn my attention back to Destron.
OOC: Errrr Morph, Razortooth is enraged, he's much harder to kill and Dodge.
I fire at Tari with my needle spines, laser eye, Explosive, Piercing, and Gas rounds as I attempt to injure her as I charge towards her, knocking her towards the ground and latching on with a death grip, she was going no where as I shoved her heavily armored head down my throat and tried to kill her, either the ripfield or me was going to kill her.

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