The Reawakened War (Pt 2)

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A group of warriors were awakened from Cyrostasis, and brought to the land of the living. Awakened by a female known only as Manta, they were briefly trained and removed from the Cyrostasis by her. Their training was cut short due to jammers set up by machines.

As the group moved toward their evac point, they were ambushed twice. One by a single bot, which called for help. The second time, they were ambushed by a large number of bots, and just as they were to deliver the killing blow, other members sent by Manta saved them and removed the bots. One member was injured by the mysterious Harpy.

Now, they on-board a drop-ship with the two others, heading for an unknown location.
We'd all been silent for a long time, so I spoke up again. "So, where we headed? And what happened to Manta?"
"An old stealth ship, the Emberlight. We use it as our base of operations. And Manta is still with us. Now that we're out of range of the jammers, you can contact her if you feel the desire to do so." Mammoth explains.
I nod in thanks and do exactly that. {Manta, how are our modules looking?}
"How did Manta unlock your modules? And what exactly is yours, Mammoth?" Gravitas asks, his mace clanking against his armor as he shifts slightly.
IC: Lotus eyes open for a few seconds while she grabs Magneton's arm a bit more and snuggles up to it before going back to sleep.
My mouth still covered as I stayed away from the others. Really wanting to ask Manta something... She probably knew more than me. {Manta? This is Testament... I have a question. Why is my body corrosive? Does this have to do with the suit or is this the reason why my suit is the way it is? Like a better control over it? Almost as if it was a natural occurrence. Or do you know if this was... experimented onto me?}
Mammoth looks at Gravitas and says "We were awake before you guys were, and Manta found out that module was locked, preventing it from getting power. My module focuses on what is referred to as Juggernaut. You can already guess what Cicle has."

Manta replies to Grinder {Modules are locked. I can't access them remotely from my position, so I needed to have everyone retrieved.} She then shifts to Testament. {Part of it is your suit, which allows you to control most of the corrosion. Some of it is a natural DNA mutation, a one in a million mutation, or so I have been told.}
I growl under my breath, shaking my head. {Good to know. Out of curiosity, who's Harpy?}
I look at Lotus for a moment smiling slightly. I sigh and stare at the wall opposite me hoping to reach the ship soon.

I just sat in my seat knees hugged to my chest. Something still felt strange.
{Another warrior, like you and I, but with a.....prototype. Recoverers. She is one of them, one of the four that has a suit which can bond with the modules recovered from other suits so they can be retrieved. This also means that person has access to those abilities on the module. PTSD has driven her mind into a thought process that regards everything as hostile....including her own allies.} Manta explains.
I wince. {No wonder she went after Magneton, although she did save him first.}
Scythe sat quietly, his mind far away.
IC: Lotus was squeezing Magneton's arm. It would have been painful if not for the armor protecting him. Her breathing was now normal and she wasn't sweating has much. Magneton would be able to see tears on Lotus' cheeks.
"So how much longer are we going to be on this boat?" I ask a bit uncomfortable with having Lotus clinging to my arm. I don't really mind but it was a bit weird. I was wondering why she was crying but probably wouldn't ask later.
"We'll be on here for as long as we are on here. Be used to find ways to distract yourself." Mammoth replies. After a minute, the pilot speaks up. "Docking now." There was the sound of metal grinding, the drop-ship stops, and the ramp opens. Mammoth unstraps himself, and unstraps Lotus. He picks her up, and makes his way off the ship, going to the right. Cicle stands up and also makes her way down, but she heads to the left instead.
I get up and follow Mammoth. I had a feeling he was heading to a med bay and that was were I needed to go as well. Besides I told Lotus I wouldn't leave her while she was out.

I exit the dropship and follow Cicle not sure where else to go.
Unstrapping myself, I motion to the others. "Those more severely wounded follow Mammoth. I'm gonna follow Cicle." I walk down the ramp and stop, looking around before sighing. {Manta, which way do I go?}
{Cicle.} Manta replies simply, then adds {Left. Take elevator to Level 4.}
{Roger that.} I turn left and follow Stalker and Cicle, looking at the ship as I walk. It was an impressive first sight, considering how long I'd been awake. Reaching the elevator, I open it and get on, going to level 4.

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