The Reawakened War (Pt 2)

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IC: Lotus just looked in Magneton's eyes for a few moments. "I don't know why but I just feel like I need someone near me right now" she says sounding a little more awake.
I give Lotus a soft and sweet smile. "Anything you need just ask."
IC: Lotus rested her head on Magnetons chest and put a hand over his heart before drifting back to sleep.
I kiss the top of Lotus' head and put my arm around her protectively again. I don't fall asleep though and just stare up at the ceiling wondering.

I open a crate and fine someones stash of explicit reading material. I quickly reseal the crate and move on.
A female voice calls out. "Found more Catalyst!" She moves it over next to the other crates, and goes to another crate, with only five crates left to open.
I open one of the last remaining crates.
The crate is fulled with ammunition, same caliber as the weapons used by most of the Gehha.
I open another of the last few crates.
I smile behind my helmet. "Well not exactly what we are looking for but useful anyway." I reseal the crate and take it over to the small pile of crates we have made to take with us.
The crate is empty. The other crates, opened by the others, appear to have nothing of value in them. The others regroup at the useful crates, and one asks "So.....Who wants to carry them?"
"How about we all carry some?"
Territe steps forward and grabs a crate. The person who spoke shrugs and pick up a crate.
Ardeo regroups with everyone else, a bunch of charred pieces of metal and control circuits in hand. "So, would any of this be useful?"
Territe shrugs. "We'll find out." Another crate is picked up by a male Warrior, who has yet to speak to everyone.
Nikku picks up on of the smaller crates, attaching it to another via his staff, then slings his staff over his shoulders.
OCC: How exactly are you attaching the crates together?
OOC: Rope. Or, look at this hi-def image of what I am doing, except add in SC2.
OCC: Ok, just making sure. One more crate needs to be picked up, then we'll send everyone back toward the Cargo Ship.
OOC: Sorry if I came across mean. I just try to be succinct in my ooc.
IC: Lotus turned away from Magneton taking most of the covers with her in her sleep.

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