The Reawakened War (Pt 2)

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Collisio goes after Mammoth, she needed to get some attention to her arm.

Gravitas and Ardeo move after Cicle, Ardeo limping his way.
Cicle steps into the elevator and leans on the wall. She looks at Ardeo, and raises her arm in front of him, barring his path. "You need medical attention. Go get it."

Mammoth and co. arrive at the Medbay, and Mammoth sets Lotus down on one of the beds. He turns and walks out of the Medbay, heading off to another part of the ship.
I sit in a chair next to Lotus' bed.
IC: A few of the nurse close the curtains around Lotus' bed, After kicking Magneton out of the area. They changed her into a gown and put an IV in her arm. They quickly found out what was happening to Lotus and adminster medicine via the IV. Lotus laid there in the bed with the blankets pulled over her to keep her warm before the staff opened the curtains and seeing to the others in medbay.

OOC: Darn you Morph for the ninja
I don't go far only moving over to the next bed and waiting for the medics to do their thing.

IC: Lotus starts to come to. She looks around the room and groans as she tries to sit up.
"I can still move though. It just hurts!" Ardeo protests.
I look over to Lotus. "I'd take it easy and lay down if I were you."
IC: Lotus lays back down after motioning for Magneton to come over. "Where are we" She asks weakly
"It matters not. Were it up to me, you all would have been rushed to the Medbay as soon as we land, but Manta runs the whole operation since the Grandmasters are not awake." Cicle says.
I glare at Ardeo. "Medbay. Now."
"Fine." He sighs and limps off to the medbay.
The elevator closes, and Cicle sighs. She goes back to leaning on the wall.
I roll the shoulder that had been hurt. I still hadn't looked at it, but it still felt alright. Feeling the elevator move, I sigh. "So, who are we exactly?"
I wait to move so the medics can finish fixing my arm. "We are in the medbay aboard the stealthship Emberlight." I tentatively flex my arm as I move back to where I had been before the medics had shooed me away.
IC: "How long was I out" Lotus asks him while closing her eyes. "I had a bad dream"
"A ancient organization, hidden beneath a corrupt government. We call ourselves the Gehha." Cicle replies, then adds "If you refer to yourself, however, you are most definitely on your own."
I shake my head, chuckling. "No, I meant collectively. I'm guessing the Grand Masters are our leaders?"
"Um couple hours or so I think. Well definitely after that first bot we fought."
IC: "Please tell me I wasn't out for the whole fight." Lotus asks while coverign her face with her hands.

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