The Reawakened War (Pt 2)

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"Seven members vote and decide upon things. The first six members are always known, but the seventh is a constant secret, only known by the Grandmasters themselves. Rumors swirl around that it was the seventh who designed our suits, but no one knows for sure." Cicle says.
"Your weren't but you weren't in any shape to fight even if you had been awake more." I reach out and place my hand on Lotus' arm.
IC: Lotus puts her hand on his hand and looks him in the eyes. "Did I do or say anything while I was out and be honest" She says with her weaken voice
I shake my head. "I don't remember hearing anything."
IC: Lotus laid back and looked up at Magneton after removing his hand. "What did I do" She said knowing she did something but couldn't remeber.
I chuckle in an attempt to lighten the mood a bit. "Clung to me like I was some sort of giant teddy bear or something."
I nod, waiting for the elevator to stop. "Any reason we were all put on ice?"
IC: Lotus held Magneton's hand not wanting to let go of it. "I feel awful... I had some sort of dream or something I think it was a memory. Some person was wearing armor a lot like mine and I was begging him to stay. He looked a lot like me but I was just a littel girl in the dream. I remeber begging him not to leave me alone again.. *groan* My head is starting to spin again"
"Hey now don't push yourself. Your no good to anyone if you don't take the time to rest and get better."
"To keep some of us from making poor choices and getting killed. Along with that, the Grey Ones could hunt us whenever we are awake, no matter how well we turned ourselves invisible. The only way we could avoid them was to freeze ourselves in the stasis until the Grey Ones left. The Gymir bots found Manta first, and woke her up." Cicle says.
IC: Lotus pulls Magneton closer to herself and gives him a hug. She didn't want to let him go for some reason that she couldn't understand why. "What happen to your arm?" She asks
"I...don't remember much about before the freezer, just a few battles. Who....were the Grey Ones?"
"Some crazy person on our side named Harpy who thinks everyone and everything is hostile. Damn near killed me a couple times."
IC: Lotus gave Magneton a quick kiss on the cheek before rolling to her side away from Magneton. He could see her blushing slightly. "That was to make it feel better. I think you are right I need to rest. I should be back on my feet soon."
"No one remembers, really. All the data on them is gone, and few remember the time before the freeze. The only one could could remember is Nyx, but no one has been able to find her....yet." Cicle says.
I was blushing as well but smiling slightly. "Well unless you want me to stay I think I might go find the others." I say about to get up.
IC: "If you could bring me some food later that would be great." She replies while trying to get comfitable (Which I misspelled but its 12:30 so oh well)
I nod and sigh as the elevator comes to a stop and the doors open. "Right...well...why exactly am I on level four again?"
"Because the Ops Room and the Suit Engineering Bay are on this floor. Some are getting their modules now, others when they recover." Cicle says, moving out of the elevator.

OCC: Night all
I step out and move down the hall, looking for the Suit Engineering Bay. "Which one is the Bay?"

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