The Reawakened War (Pt 2)

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I nod to Manta as she walks in, looking around. "Where do you want me?"
Manta gestures to the flat examination table in the middle of the room. She moves over a tray, and picks up a small box, along with some tools.
Laying down, I force myself to relax, my helmet lowering again, letting unfiltered air through. "Ready when you are."
Manta moves over to Grinder's side, and says "You may feel some discomfort, or you may not." She pulls off part of the armor cover, and sets it aside, opening the small box next to her. She pulls something out of the box and adds it to the circuitry of the armor, connecting wires to it using a small clamp.
I don't move, not even a twitch. "So...what happened before you found us? Why were we awakened?"
"You were awakened so we could win back our home from the Infested and the alliance of corporations. We are to save our home, and now that the..." She mutters a word, but it isn't exactly understood "....Grey Ones are gone, we may be able to expand our empire." Manta returns the armor cover back on, and says "You may stand up. Be careful with your new abilities."
I wait patiently for Manta to finish with Grinder intending on going next.
IC: Lotus could no longer stand being in bed. Agaisnt the wishes of the doctors she got up and changed back into her armor before heading down to suit ops.
I look at the door as Lotus enters. "Lotus? Shouldn't you be resting?"
IC: "I couldn't stand being stuck there. I'll rest when I have my own room" Lotus says still weak. She was back in her armor but her helmet was off.
I nod slightly. "Don't push yourself too hard OK?"

I look up at Lotus. "You really shouldn't be walking around you still seem like you need rest."
IC: Lotus sits on the floor next to the door and leans agaisnt it. "I'll rest better in my own bed once we get them." She says to Stalker. "I don't remeber seeing you when we awoke"
"Testament and I were already out of our cyro-pods when everyone else was in that sim. You seemed a bit out of it when you awoke so I'm not surprised."
IC: "I don't think cyro agrees with me" Lotus jokes as she brings her knees underneath her chin
I chuckle. "Nor do I."

I chuckle and shake my head.
IC: "Yeah... so when do we get to have our suits done?" Lotus asks while starting to fall asleep again
"We are waiting on Manta to finish with Grinder right now then I'm going in. It might be a good idea for you to get your module fixed after me."
IC: Lotus nodded at Magneton before falling asleep while sitting there. She perfered sleeping like this then in medbay where a nurse was checkung up on her every once in awhile.
I smile at Lotus as she falls asleep. I sigh and stare at my feet.
I walked firmly against the ground. Waiting for Grinder to be finished... Maybe Manta could help me control that vile poison of life. That corrosive feeling. A gut wrenching feeling inside. My heart racing... My back against as wall as I looked up at the ceiling.

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