The Reawakened War (Pt 2)

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(DM powers: Grinder moved from room.)

Grinder steps out of the Operation Room, and Manta calls from the room. "Next person."
I enter the room and go to the table without needing any prompting from Manta.
Manta removes the armor cover on Magneton's back, and pulls another module out. She attaches the module to Magneton's power systems, and the suit flickers off, then back on as the suit diverts power to the modules. She puts the cover back on, and backs up from the table, calling out "Next."
Gravitas approaches Manta for the module repair/replacement.
I leave the room and try to wake Lotus up. "Hey time to wake up."
Manta gestures to lay on the table.
IC: Lotus wakes up when magneton speaks to her. "Thanks" She then heads in and lays down on the table.
Gravitas complies.
Manta repeats the same drill she gave to the other two, and gestures for Gravitas to stand, and calls for the next person.

OCC: Anyone mind if I just do a time-skip, and everyone gets their modules?
just do a time-skip, and everyone gets their modules

just do it.
"Yeah, I think you should just time-skip."

Gravitas gets up, nods, and exits the room.
(Time skipped. All RPers now have their modules, Mammoth also in room.)

Manta moves out of the Suit Engineering Bay room, and goes over to the table, turning it on and bringing up the map of the system.
IC: Lotus stands between Stalker and Magneton. Everyonce in awhile she would set her head on Magneton's shoulder as she drifted in and out.
I lean against a wall, the shadows dancing around me. It felt good to have my abilities back. "So what's up?"
I look at Lotus and remember that I had told her I would get her some food. "Manta mind if Lotus and I go to the mess hall? Or do you need everyone here for a briefing or something?"

I was experimenting with my new ability to change what my armor looks like enjoying myself rather a lot.
"Dismissed." Manta says, waving her hand at them, still paying attention to the map of the system.
I nod and after nudging Lotus slightly so she wouldn't fall asleep we head off to the Mess hall.

My armor settles on looking like some casual clothes as I remain for a moment. "Do we get assigned rooms or do we just select one?"
"Your rooms have already been assigned. As we are short on room for the most part, there will be four bunking per room. Once our temple is freed, personal cells will be assigned." Manta says.

Cicle and Mammoth exit the room, going elsewhere in the ship.
I nod and head for the mess hall as well.
Nodding, I turn and head for the mess hall. I figured I'd find it eventually.

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