The Reawakened War (Pt 2)

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Magneton and Lotus arrive in the Mess Hall. There isn't many seats open, as many of the warriors were currently eating. One table was open, but there was only enough seats five. One of the Warriors walks past Magneton and Lotus, tray in hand, apparently going back to her room to eat.

OCC: I am putting ranks up for the Warriors, mostly so you all know where you stand in the organization compared to the others.

Initiate (The RPers are this rank)
Hunter (Cicle and Mammoth are this rank)
Grand Master
IC: Lotus walks in beside Magneton. "Mind getting me something to eat as I claim a table?" She asks before looking around for a table.
Poking my head in the mess hall, I grimace and turn and walk away, heading for the living quarters. Hell, I might just sleep in the Op room.
Nikku walked out of his corner, having been thinking for a long time. He propped up his rifle in the corner of his room, and began to take apart his pistol. No time for the regular experiments before I go and get frozen. He thought, testing each shot's acidity.
Ardeo was sitting in the cafeteria playing with his fire, consistently creating a ball of it in his palm then extinguishing it.

Collisio still didn't quite understand what she was capable of doing, so she spoke to Manta about it. "What does my module allow?"

Gravitas wanders through the ship, his mace floating along behind him through the gravity field around it.
"You have abilities built into the suit systems. The modules provides power to those systems, and lets you use them in the field." Manta says
"Then I guess I should be asking what my armor's abilities are." Collisio says. "Well what can I do with this armor?"
"Your suit will allow you to create a small thunder storm, fire a bolt of electricity at someone, or push enemies nearby away from you. Along with this, those effects have a painful after-effect for those who suffer it. They will be either paralyzed or their muscles will spasm uncontrollably." Manta explains.
I grab two trays and sit next to Lotus setting hers in front of her. "Food is served." I say as I start eating. I was unlikely to spend much time here even for meals.
IC: "Thanks" Lotus says as she ate her food. "I wonder who I will be bunking with"

I grab a tray and leave the mess hall not interested in eating with so many people.
IC: "I wonder where she is headings" Lotus says watching Stalker leave. "She's kind of cute" She says before blushing knowing that Magneton heard her.
My helmet was off but alas my mask was still on as I went through the line as I obtained my food. I noticed that many of the tables were packed so I went to a corner instead. Far enough from enough people as the mask slipped off.
A tall, grey creature with baggy skin walks by, walks into a wall, and vanishes in a blue flash.
I chuckle. "Yeah she is though I doubt she is interested in being in a relationship."
IC: " Really just want to finish eating and go to sleep before I make a complet @$$ of myself" Lotus says trying to finish her meal
I smile and shake my head as I continue to eat not entirely comfortable with so many people around.
IC: "I just realized that we only have our armor and weapons.. Where do we get just normal clothes?" Lotus asks with a yawn
I shrug. "I guess we would have to ask Manta about that."
IC: "Guess I better..." Lotus trys to say while getting up but can't stand up. "I shouldn't be this weak...."

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