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Heya folks! I've been on and off switching between races, but for the past few months, I've heavily played Terran. Today I decided to play around as Zerg in Unranked at the plat level, and have some fun; upon which I had some really wacky games ZvP and ZvT on Neo Planet S map. I thought it was hysterical, and I felt it wouldn't hurt to share the replays!

At first glance, this map seems like a no brainer to veto... However, strongly protesting Daybreak, and Bel'shir village, I had just one more veto to go! Either map imho are not all that bad as zerg, but the other maps are just beautifully set up in my ZvX style!

With one Veto left, I was 2nd guessing my veto for Neo Planet. It's such a small map against Protoss/Terran, that it's near impossible to exploit zerg's biggest advantage in mobility! I took a look at the maps I had available, noticing Akilon Wastes, I almost gagged. As Terran, my highest win rate is on this map, and I don't see any immediate disadvangtes as zerg, it's just purely a superficial feeling, as I've grown quite bored with this map! I have 30 games played on it (tied for the most this entire season) and I decided trying out Neo Planet S could make for some far more interesting/fun games :D I suppose I won't "spoil" the results of the game, as they were pretty back and forth. I'm not sure how it would be to watch, but just playing it was very fun, so I thought why not share em'... And I guess open gain some insight of how zergs feel about this map ^ ^

Without further a-do, here are the replays :D

I link'd the MU i felt was more interesting. I'd love to hear some ideas this may generate from you guys, if any :D ...Simply, shared experiences, or comments are more than welcome as well, thanks.

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