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im just looking for some casual players to hangout with and have a few games with. All are welcome and if enough people join maybe it can be developed into a clan.
i am looking for the same thing. i love to play online but only have a few friends who play. i would love to be in a group of people who like to play frequently
JacobO i would be glad to add you as a friend, how often are you on
I am a bronze level new player...new to PC gaming in general so I could always use more friends and practice partners because my friends play PS3...feel free to add me :)
np PaLiiBoY ill add you and maybe we can get a few game in. like everyone else in this game we want to improve and get better. I find finding more people to play with casually may be the solution especially if we are all different races so we can tell each other the strengths and weaknesses of each race

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