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So today one of my friends and I both tried to create a clan. the names were perfectly acceptable, had letters and spaces in it - no symbols, numbers or the like, nor were there vulgar words in the names or tags.

Each time we tried, it came up with the message that it couldn't contain vulgar words, and should only contain letters and numbers. We later tried to create a test group only to find that that didn't work either.

Blizzard, this needs fixing!

Edit: it seems like we're unable to put Starcraft in the name for some reason, however, I tried with different names and was still unable to do so.
Hello Miro,

I think that is because the names ( of the clan ) that you are trying to use is already used by somebody else. However this explanation i manage to find in the forum so may be that is the reason why you couldn't make the clan, so try with a name that it's hard to be used by anybody.

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