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Ahhh the benefits of linking myself to the Carriers warp Matrix and neural net seems to have paid off already. I awaken as an embedded S.O.S program in the Carriers Warp Matrix and begin rebuilding my body at the atomic level with slight modifications.

While in the Warp net of the carrier I manage to switch the interceptors Plasma Beams to Temporal Distortion Field Manipulators which made it look like PanzerIV was vaporized when he was actually atomized and stored in the Carriers memory for when I awaken.

While regenerating I decided to get revenge for PanzerIV on Martiny by activating the active camouflage on the Carrier and positioning the ship 90 degrees from Martiny's Space Craft. As he boards the vessel and powers its reactor I initiate the Carries Warp Engines which create an unstable void opening near port side center of the ship shredding it to pieces while also Jumping into Warpspace to narrowly missing the Fusion reactors explosion.

Once my regeneration completes I re-atomize PanzerIV and offer for him to join me on my quest of revenge and research! Otherwise I can always jettison you out into space... in a life pod of course, set to you Home system*.

*Home System's star.
Nyoooo, Simon! :,(
I never got on the mech, I simply waved goodbye to it as it flew off. Thanks for ripping apart my friend, jerk.

As revenge, I hop onto a cloaked spaceship and land on the exterior of your Carrier flagship. I run on the outside of the ship to the front, where I jump inside stealthily. I creep through, still cloaked no absolutely nobody knows I'm here. Then I go through the ship to the main engine room.

I pull out a glowing red crystal and stab the Khaydarin crystal core of the Carrier, which destroys all its memory and siphons the power out of every corner of the ship. Then using the red crystal I inject all the rest of the Carriers and other starships in the fleet with overwhelming amounts of energy, creating a chain reaction of explosions. I suck all the energy from the explosions into the crystal again.

Now that everyone is floating through space and I am the only thing in this large area of space with energy, I smash the crystal, causing a rend in space from a massive release of energy, which sucks everyone into it and shredding them to pieces. All the energy is dissipated, and everyone is dead. Simon however happened to rematerialized due to his massive amount of spiral power. He then closes the rift and pulls me out just before I'm destroyed. Epic brofist.
Pathetic Human mind, so easy to fool. You awaken to see me leering over at you from behind a console. You instinctively try move to get away but to no avail as you are bound to a Psi-Surgery Table. I see you liked the mental image I projected to you... Before you ask, Simon is fine, I let him leave... but you *grins* I think I shall have some more fun with you... It's interesting what the human brain can imagine isn't it? Although, things always seem to go just the way it wants.... think about that next time!

For the next few days I repeatedly torture you by sending you through countless iterations of painful defeats and bitter endings. Eventually I grow bored with you and jettison you into the nearest Star-System as a Mercy rather than having to do it myself. You descend into a nearby volcanic planet's atmosphere and I lose contact with the escape pod's signal. Presuming you are dead from re-entry or impact I engage the warp drives and shock out of the system.
...You assume I was human in the first place. I am not. I am a non-corporeal being. I have to power to control and generate infinite amounts of energy at will. And I can out-strategize even the most clever of opponents.

So as you are "torturing" me mentally, I am merely sitting there playfully writhing in "pain," all the while thinking of Bacon. Then when you jettison me into a volcano, I am dreaming about Pineapples. I wake up after a minute or two. I recall you saying that Simon is fine, it was hard to remember because I was bored. I hop out of the volcano.

I telepathically scan the universe for your mental signature, and dissolve into energy only to reappear in front of your ship as it travels through warp space. You notice at the last second the spear of energy in front of the Carrier as it stabs through the entire ship, creating a massive explosion of energy that shatters your Carrier -and you- causing pieces to fly out of warp space and scatter across the long reaches of space.
But then I fly in a class ship millenium falcon to take theata up on his deal of partnership. Firing all my heavy guns at you. I then notice the guns were doing no damage. So I took secondary action in warping theatas body onto my ship.

I then had donkey kong get the 4-D stargate operational. As I continued to fire upon you to keep you in distress and from taking action. Donkey kong then finnaly managed to have it running by tapping into the remains of theatas carrier energy. We then shot out the gate in your direction as we warped out.

The fully operational 4-D gate then opened seemingly to bend space and time itself. You disappeard within it. As you were being stretched into its abyss it began to contract. You no longer existed on this dimensional plane, nor did that stargate.

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