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I am starting to make great progress in my games but have run into some issues. My issue is is that I don't know how to properly add on production once a second base has been established. I find myself scared to add extra production without first scouting what's going on in my opponents base. As a result, my minerals begin to add up and my production is delayed thus causing me to (normally) loose to my opponents bigger army. My question is: How do high ranking players go about deciding how to add production? Do you have a preset plan in place that is executed and then tweaked based on what you scout with scans? Do you wait until you scout your opponent with scans before adding production?
i dont care if im not a high ranking player, if i think im safe ill add production while my cc is being made. if not ill wait till i xfer workers to my new base to add on the production, so i can use the new income to make it.
as Terran, you should have an idea of what you want to do ahead of time. Terran units are very efficient and versatile, so you don't need to really be reactive. Also, since you're in gold, making units is your number one priority. For bio play, 5rax, 1fact, 1port is the standard load out on 2 bases. For detailed advice, you should post a replay, so that we can get an idea of what you're shooting for.
I can say this. Scout with reaper, ALL around. So many easy wins, even vs high master, because greedy terrans do not want to scout. And I don't mean greedy by getting a second fast, but by not spending the minerals to defend it.

If it's 3gate robo, please at least build 3x bunkers. You'll need it, I promise you. With two, the ff will just stop repair, and immo/zealot/sentry/stalker will crush.
If going bio then 5 rax on 2 base. Get 3 rax then fac then starport engineering bay. Get everything running with all the addons research stim then combat shield and +1.
Then add 2 more rax while also getting a third CC add an armory and second engineering bay.
From then on you want to add 4 more rax's which will give you a total of 9 barracks on 3 base

If you scout an all in coming then you gotta delay to get 3-4 bunkers up, with mass repair you should be fine. Although I still lose to them sometimes cause Toss all ins are op! XD
I uploaded my replay to help - Would anyone mind providing any feedback?

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