Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 23)

Joeyray's Bar
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That was when good ol' Andy Jackson got to whip some English backside when he didn't get news of the surrender in time.
so... can we rp here...
Anyways, time for bar roleplay!

"A Zergling comes into the bar. "Can i have a Baneling Body Shot and a The Lightyear? Big Zerg rush coming up, wanna make sure i am ready.", the Zergling says"
I plunge my hand into the Zergling throat, its serrated teeth not even cutting through my arm. The esophagus incinerates as I touch it and I grab the Zergling's heart, and tear it from the aorta, causing the heart to pump great amounts of blood into my hand. I then pull it from the veins, causing them to disconnect and through the Zergling's muscle contracting and trying to kill me, they sprayed the blood throughout the body. As my arm comes out of the Zergling's through it falls to the ground lifeless, my arm unscathed.
SF's attempt at brutalizing the new RPer is halted by the sound of my shotgun being pumped, revolver at my hip, and then a single shot firing, blowing half his head away as I walk up and lead HuskyFan away from his slowly healing body. "Sorry about that, SF has issues with letting the newbies have some peace. Welcome to JoeyRay's forums, this is Zanon's PRP bar. I'm the bar tender, Zarkun. Revolver, and now shotgun, toting vigilante."
Organism ShadowFury highly aggressive. Psychotic. Use caution.

Must remember to terminate rainbow goddess strain.
I'm the bar tender, Zarkun. Revolver, and now shotgun, toting vigilante."

More like the brutal prison warden.
I look at smylez, a confused look on my face. "I don't recall this being a prison..."
It's 'cause you're the oppressor. Everyone's being oppressed so they can't speak freely. But I am not afraid to speak my mind. You are a brutal, vicious man.
"Ya know, I've only ever shot you once."
I got shot multiple times and several times I was innocent...
And you have shot others countless times without warning! You are evil! EVIL! Raise your hands if this despicable person has abused you!

[People raise their hands]

You! And you! And you! I know what he did to you! Will you stay silent and let this monster do as he pleases?! Come brothers and sisters! Follow me! This bar, our glorious sanctuary has fallen to desolation ever since HE took over! It is a prison! Look at how decrepit the walls are! Look at the windows covered in iron bars! LOOK THERE! THAT IS WHERE POOR LITTLE JOHNNY WAS RIDDLED WITH BULLETS! THE HOLES ARE STILL IN THE WALL AS WELL AS THE BLOODSTAINS!

I shake my head and get a Baneling Body Shot, taking a seat and sipping it. "I didn't shoot no one that didn't deserve it. Unless it was CR, in which case it was cross fire."
in which case it was cross fire."
Pff, I call BS. :P
My shotgun rings out, knocking smylez out of an unbarred window. "See, no iron bars. Least that I'm aware of." I take another sip and perk up. "Oh, and don't mock my uncle."
Oh, and don't mock my uncle.

Unless your uncle is Braveheart...

...He didn't
[People raise their hands]

*inspects "people"*
"Yep, like I thought, reanimated corpses."
"Alright, William Wallace, the person the movie is about, is my....lots of greats...grandfather I think?" Shrugging, I take another sip. "He's an ancestor, I know that."

[Comes in with the British flag in shining armor.]

"Hark! You traitorous dog! Today, death smiles upon you! For Great Britain!"

*Pierces Zarkun with a spear.
I psionically bend the spear backwards before it reaches me and fire my shotgun again, knocking smylez back out the window. "Knock that off!"

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