Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 23)

Joeyray's Bar
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I tap smylez on the neck, and he drops, stone cold, to the floor. His soul rests in my hand, and I feel it dissipate in my hand.

Now of course in this realm, he would come back to life in a few seconds, but that demonstration satisfied my needs.
Oh no reason~
But in other news, my friends in school voted me to be "Most Likely to commit Homicide or Genocide."
I'm going to consider that as a compliment. C:
"I think I would be voted that by my friends."
A portal slowly swirls open near me, and I glance inside curiously. That is, until my face droops in horror, and with a quick motion I draw out a small rifle and start pelting its depths with bullets. Little white bundles of fur begin to lazily float out, drifting along the currents left behind the bullets, accompanied with small splashes of blood.

"Oh God! Help! Plot bunny infestation!"
"Oh my god! You killed smylez 05! What's wrong with you?"
I give smylez the... 'b!tch please' look, as they call it, and return to my table.
"Oh not much... just everything?"
Seems everyone is out for mothers day.
"Not surprising." I say.
Jolting awake briefly, I toss a grenade in morrjo's portal and force it shut. "That's a mini nuke. Don't open that for a couple days." I then go semi comatose. "Using a friends interweb atm."
I take out a ten foot pole and poke zarkun.
I quickly spin around and blast the pole in half with my C-14 Gauss Rifle.

"Cut that out!" I yell, standing in front of Zarkun in a defensive stance.
I glance at Thane his highly inaccurate rifle having missed the slender pole entirely. "You are not incharge of defending him nor am I. and I will stop when and ONLY when ZARKUN tells me to." I say before poking Zarkun with the pole again.
I chuckle, and walk over to Zarkun, before sitting on top of him and making a nest for myself, purring softly on his head.
I obliterate the pole with my Gauss Rifle before turning to Slnder and leveling my rifle.

"Get off of him!"
ahem let my remind both of you none of us can even get within 10 feet of zarkun due to his spacial manipulator or whatever he is using and nice try the pole is made of Erini steel it which is IMPOSSIBLE TO GET unless I give you some and will take much more than a tiny volley of gauss spikes to even dent.
Takes a sip from his glass. "Yall bunch of nutters"
"You forget this is the immortal bar." I say with a scoundrel's grin. "Until someone takes down that immortal barrier hidden away, anything is possible and impossibility is impossible in and of itself."

I then raise my rifle to shoot Slnder, but shrug, realizing he is doing no damage to him.
I look at the rifle with a hiss, before returning to snuggle into my nest. Turning to Steelwolf I scoff. "But of course."
"Ain't that the truth, Steel. We're surrounded by crazies."

With a motion of my hand, a small astral hemisphere comes into place between me and Zarkun's perpetrators.

"Though I'm thankful for the grenade, when Zarkun wakes up I expect shrapnel to go flying everywhere. And I had a small idea for a horror story/RP. Though which I should scribe down remains to be judged..."
I shake my head, and snap my finger. The Converted and I phase out, still able to watch the happenings around the bar, but not be affected by anything that happened, unless we were phased in by the same source that phased us out.
I continue to poke Zarkun with the pole as one of my clones sits right where jester is.

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