Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 23)

Joeyray's Bar
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I pull out an Imperial Sabre, activate its warp field, and swipe it through the pole.

Most of the pole drops to the ground, severed from the base cleanly and with perfect precision.

I put the sabre away.

"So nice to have things like this around. Warp fields ftw."
The sword bounces off the pole with no effect. "Warp fields really?" I give KO the '!@#$% please' look and continue to poke zarkun.
The sword slices through the pole

FTFY. Science, dude. The sword never touched the pole, so it doesn't matter how durable the metal is.
the words 'slices' and 'through' alone say that the sword did too touch the pole therefor your logic is faulty. and seriously KO can't you just let me poke zarkun with a ten foot pole in peace? enjoy whatever random drink you like
Since when did I say the sword touched the pole?

The field around it simply created a small fold in space/time, separating a set of molecules from another without actually damaging them. This is one of two types of warp weapon encountered regularly by Kay-Oh!, and is my personal favorite, although pseudo-warping can have some exotic and entertaining side effects...
Ummah asks a nearby patron, "Why must the other creatures of the 'bar' act as immature as newly spawned larva, and how do they continue to exist in such a manner without killing one another?"

I'm awesome.

I let everybody else live, because I'm awesome.

They can't kill me, because I'm awesome.

Life continues.
A distorted cough is heard from me, still phased. The Converted phases in, and uses a teleporter to move elsewhere, needed somewhere other than here. I was looking at a list in hand, which was phased out, unable to be read.
I order another drink before sitting back in my chair.
Bartend, Prismatic Void please.
Another distorted sigh is heard, and I get up, phasing back in. "Since Our Glorious Dictator isn't here, nor our Gun-slinging Vigilante, I guess I'll take over bar duty." I move behind the bar, and mix up the Prismatic Void before sliding it to KO, adding to the tab. I turn to Steel, and ask "What did you want to drink?"
"The Bloody Medic" I say while resting
I mix up a Bloody Medic, pour into a glass and slide the glass to Steel, adding it to his tab. I phase back out, and wait to be needed, or until the Gun-slinging Vigilante returns and shoots someone.
*gulps PV*

Ah... just what I needed. G'night ya'll.
"Our Glorious Dictator is always here." I say, waving two fingers to signal the usual Scotty.

"He's just" I shrug, "In the back or somethin'
I phase back in and slide Thane his Scotty. I then promptly phase back out.
"Some say that when Zarkun is not here he is busy beating Amon in poker while blindfolded," Ummah says after finishing his drink, "or that he is in the john."
Chuckles softly, leaning back on Zarkun's head.
"Or... you know, I become the back up back up bartend. That's how it is in the Mini bar on the DA chats... when I'm there, that is..."
I frown, cursing under my breath.
"...I'll be there in a sec."
I take down the scotty in one swig and sit at the bar, my Gauss rifle ready to defend Zarkun.

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