Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 23)

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*Because I've been quite annoyed lately... I grab a wooden baseball bat with several nails and spikes going through them as I pulverize Smylez to a pulp.*
I cheer and clap. "There you are, ol' chap!"

I wave my hands signalling for another scotty. "I was wondering when you'd come around..."
I phase back in, and pour another Scotty. I slide it to Thane, add it to the tab, and phase back out.
*I now wore my rings that had nails welded to them like brass knuckles only worse. I strike at Thane's neck as it spurt out blood as I got a lucky hit.* Bored.
I barely fall backwards out of my stool in time to dodge the attack. I swear while picking myself up.

"What the crap was that for?" I ask, grabbing my scotty.
I just watch what is happening in the bar.
It's really a strange feeling at this moment
I feel as if I should feel liberated
Having been through so many trials
There's a certain resignation
As I pause to look at this empty room

When we found out we could not make sense
You told me we could still be friends
I admit it that I was glad it was finished
But there was no need to shut me down
Erase all traces of us together
This love I no longer need
But you treat me like a stranger
And this feels really rough
I feel you are simply someone I used to know
A memory so far and away.
Baconing baconly bacon is bacon.

Sounds like Smylez' girlfriend is... Mean...
Me confused... Smylez has a girlyfriend?
I am confused... What about his girlfriend or lack thereof?
I don't know, KO. Unless Thane is being delusional.
I just read Smylez' poem and made a few assumptions, nothing more.
"BACON!?! YAY BACON!!!" *drools* "Ummah like bacon."
Thane, this is also... smylez. I can't tell if he's serious or joking. That's the greatest mystery.
I fill DZ fill of holes with my Gauss Rifle.

"Shut up! Smylez... Is obviously going through something. The last thing he needs is the likes of you."

I take a swig of my Scotty, "Or he just likes poetry."


I turn to CR, "Either way, he still needs to be treated with courtesy." I then glance at DZ, "Besides, nobody deserves to go through what he would put him through."
Am I the only person who has noticed that Smylez has a habit of posting (often rewritten) songs and poems in the Bar?
Am I the only person who has noticed that Smylez has a habit of posting (often rewritten) songs and poems in the Bar?
Probably not. :/
*goes to my far away corner*
My distorted voice is heard: "Thane, smylez is smylez. There is no telling what he is doing. It's quite like......" I end my sentence there, and shake my head.
"Aye" I nod and raise my bottle of scotty. "But this one's different. I think this one actually came from the depths."

I quickly catch myself in what I had implied. "Not that his other stuff didn't, just-"

"Oh, forget it."

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