Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 23)

Joeyray's Bar
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Fires a rocket at smylez, turning him into gib. "Mar Sara Black please. And hurry before he gets back here."
"He said he wanted a bar RP. He had a Zergling come in, I murdered the Zergling as I would always do." I shrug and start gnawing on smylez.
I passionately kiss Shadowfury in the mouth.
I slide Jester his Mar Sara Black. "There ya go."
I take the Mar Sara Black, pay for the drink, and fire on smylez again with a Nail Gun.
"More! More! This sensation is soooo good!"
However, smylez was simply kissing a Roach, it was coming to avenge Digger. Biting down on smylez's face, the Roach tosses smylez to Earth's moon, and we are in the Korprulu Sector.
But before such a thing occurred, I took the godly liberty of pilfering smylez's livers and kidneys before tossing them to SF to be devoured or used in an experiment.
I shove smylez's kidneys into Crysmon's stomach and wire them up to his system. "Now, drink all the alcohol you want!" I the proceed to gnaw on the liver.
SF, when are you going move FotE along?
However, smylez was simply kissing a Roach, Digger in fact, as it was coming to claim its revenge. Biting down on smylez's face, Digger tosses smylez to Earth's moon, and we are in the Korprulu Sector.

You do not control my characters. Not even the Zerg ones.
"Fine..." I scoff out, changing it to a generic Roach that is avenging Digger.
*Laughs as I remember punting Digger in Zanon's absence.
Going to be away until Friday, school trip. I suppose the hotel we're staying at might have Internet, but who knows.
The title and characters are misleading.

I found surprising depth in this video, even though I only looked at it because I was curious what a video with the title of "Dictator" could possibly be.

This is a speech from an age when it was a leader's job to inspire the people as well as lead them... Something that I feel has been lost in the politics of today.

If you disagree with the message, then look at this instead as a way to compare how one can infuse energy into one's words. Compare this then to the slow, sentence by sentence way politicians by and large speak today.
So I'm reading through the original attempt at Darkest Heart and finding that we really didn't communicate much...I've reason to believe that could be an issue if we don't fix that this time around.
Not that it really pertains to me, I'm just curious, do you mean the RPer's didn't communicate OOC or the characters didn't communicate with each other making a dull RP?
Actually, a little of both. It really affected both your tries at DH.
"The latter. Nobody really interacted, which is why I want Solaris to bring people together with shennanigans. ...Also, I have an idea for a plot. Care to listen, or rather read?"

I say, sipping on an unidentified drink.

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