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I'm a scholar of Starcraft, and I wish to know a broader view of the game. My purpose here is to ask how TvP is from a Terran perspective. I kinda feel blind in PvT because I never know what my opponent usually tries to do so I would like to ask you guys:

1) What are your early game goals?
2) What are some notable timings for common openings like 1Rax FE?
3) What are your main mid-game goals?
4) Miscellaneous information about the Terran vs. Protoss from the Terran perspective.

I thank you for your time to post this. I wish to improve my skills in this game as a Protoss scholar of Starcraft.
Most common openings are

- reaper expand into 2-3 rax
- Reaper expand into 1-1-1
- 15 gas expand into 1-1-1
1 rax fe into 2-3 rax double gas

basically theres only 2 opener in tvp right is just a variation with the reaper for scouting

terran rarely ever attack protoss until 9:30 nowadays...protoss can stop anything so you can play really greedy

my early game goal is not die to all ins
mid game goal is being able to kill protoss or do enough damage to put me in the lead...cuz winning late game pure macro is hard

what I noticed is that dt's are really good against 1-1-1's openers (most dont get the ebay)
blink stalkers with MSC is really strong
oracle are really strong against people who goes reapers because of their lack of marines early on...etc

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