Mysteriously poor performance

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My current system has:
1gb ATI 5770
2.8 Ghz i7 860
16 gb DDR3 RAM

It's aging, but it's still a strong machine.

My internet connection is 54 mbps cable, and my drivers are up to date.

Starcraft default settings for this hardware is Extreme, yet my framerate is horrendous. That's not the mystery though.
Even when I turn ALL settings down to Low, I still eventually wind up at 0 fps once a big fight starts in a 4v4.
1v1 is usually fine, 2v2 is tolerable, but 4v4 just gets so choppy that I can't play.

The horrible framerate is independent of the graphics settings. And it's also independent of the operating system.

I have two hard drives on my system, one of them is a 256 gb SSD running Windows 8, the other a 1 tb hard drive running Mac OS 10.8.3 (hackintosh). I have Starcraft installed on both of them, and they both suffer from the same poor performance.

Any thoughts?
Something you see from older systems is heat damage over time. I can't say that's the issue for sure but running computers for hours a day for several years causes them to just slow down to crap. It's generally not as noticeable in desktops but anyone with a low-mid end laptop probably knows what I mean...

I also hear windows 8 doesn't like SCII.
Does any of your other games slow down too?
Windows 8 has issues sustaining fps in SCII. My laptop (extremely low-end, Pentium dual-core 2.3GHz CPU with an Intel GPU and a 283GB 5400rpm HDD) starts at 60 fps and drops to 10 after about an hour. That's with a cooling pad running under it.
When the same exact laptop (no hardware changes) had windows 7, it started at 30 fps and stayed at 30 fps (on low settings in a 1v1 match).
Moral of the story?
Windows 8 doesn't recognize aging heatsinks and cooling systems effectively.
My system is only about 3 years old, and other games run fine.
So maybe there are problems with Windows 8, and maybe there are problems with Mac OS X, but does it make sense for them to be the exact same problems?

I guess heat damage is a possibility.
Do you know your computer's Bus speed? Some people don't know how much of an effect the bus speed has on performance.

Heat damage is most likely the cause. A new heatsink wouldn't fix any existing heat damage, but it would delay any further damage.
If you haven't done so already, dust out the inside of your tower with an air compressor, especially the video card, cpu, and power supply.

Have you been overclocking your 5770 or i7?

Im running Windows 8 Pro, with a 5750 and Phenom II x4 @ 3.6ghz (mild overclocked). SC2 has been running fine. Of course the game will slow down during 4v4 battles but still playable..
speaking of power supply, what brand is it and rated power?
the ram is 1337 mhz.
my power supply is a 650 watt corsair.
It's true that it's pretty dusty in there and I haven't cleaned it lately. I'll do that.

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