Number of TLs against gateway/colossus 5 tax

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Quick question here. Usually on two base I get up to 5 rax, and was wondering what you feel is the better # of TLs you have on tax going against stalker colossus. I have been experimenting with 2 and 3, but any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again
i go 4 techlab, 1 reactor

going for more than 2 reator for your raxes is bad tvp.. you need much more techlabs than reactors
Also, 1 more unrelated question, if you guys don't mind. Early on is it worth not building your barracks on wall then putting down bunker for wall off against stalker/zealot? I can handle it, but sometimes I have to pull scvs/they snipe reactor
youll need a bunker in every single game against protoss, even if you're being aggressive as you possibly can on one base, they can still kill you without a bunker
I get 3 techs 2 reactor in every tvp
About the wall question im 110% sure you are better of building your rax very close to your cc / mineral worker to form a wall, just in case he cannon rush you or that early scout suceed in killing your scv builder, thus delaying you and making you even more prone to stalker. (sometime the ramp is really far)

(p.s.:) 6 rax techlab, no reactor. If you do need marine, have one production circle of 6marines. But if you need to remax, 6 marauders each 35 second is nice.

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