Does anyone remember this Mars colony game?

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I hope someone knows that name of this game I played on Windows 98.

I think it was a 2D isometric Mars colony simulation game/Simcity on Mars between 1998 and 2002.

When the game starts, you are located on a colony ship above Mars and there is a menu prompting you to launch/eject the escape/colony pods. If you launch too soon, the pods will fire retroburners too soon and crash, and if you launch too late, the pods fire retroburners too late and crash or the ship in space explodes/runs out of oxygen.

The pods looked like this, but in top down isometric view:
If you were launched the pods at the right moment, all 4 pods survive landing, otherwise 1 or more would crash and leave a tile of rubble.

I think the in-game GUI and terrain looked similar to Life on Mars?:
However, the buildings were different.

To begin building, you would have to build a corridor from one of the pods. The corridors looked like this the + shaped buildings in Moonbase:
or the x shaped buildings in Outpost:
The buildings must be constructed next to a corridor or another building similar to Moonbase and Outpost.

I think the greenhouse sprites looked like this:
or this:

There were other buildings, but I can't remember what they looked like. All the buildings had the same sized footprint (occupied a tile) and all the tiles were the same size.

I think in the game, you could also build rovers that looked like this:
The rovers were built from the pods and you used them to explore the planet. I think there was a day/night cycle, so that the rovers could only move during the day.

The game might also have been single player turn-based.

I'm sorry I don't remember much more.

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