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Hello people. This is my first post. Even with my 300+ games(most of them on team games), I have come to realize that I have a major issue adapting to typical zerg tactics and countering them effectively in 1 vs 1. I first make marines really early so I don't get wtfpwned by an early rush. I then scout around to see if they make early expansions. When I get my 10+ marines to destroy that expansion though, that is the problem. The zerg dude will lock down his base hard with spine crawlers and make bannelings and the proper counters. I can try to gather up a mmm army, but then they will get destroyed by the bannelings. I even tried to make some siege tanks and they will just run up to them and blow up. I try to make banshees= overseer and hydras literally waiting for me. They then get worms and infestors while my army is away and destroy my base when I'm about to attack. I don't have this problem with protoss or terran because I usually destroy them in the first 8 minutes. It's just the zerg. Should I not be so fast against the zerg? Is the goal to beat the zerg as terran to stay back and gather up 100+ marines or whatever else?
I literally feel helpless when trying to fight zerg 1 v 1 cause if I leave, I feel like his army will be at my base while I'm going to his. If I try to scout and counter accordingly, it won't matter because literally all zerg I have met have made every hard counter for every unit I could think of making.
Send us a replay and we'll be able to help you a lot more effectively.

Go to drop.sc and upload several replays, preferably ones that you lose in.
Wait nvm about this thread people. Just played a game against zerg and found something that will make all zerg players cry: Thors and marines to cover.
Wait nvm about this thread people. Just played a game against zerg and found something that will make all zerg players cry: Thors and marines to cover.

Well good luck.
Glad you found something that works. If you need help in the future, feel free to post here or add me. I'm on semi-frequently but I'm happy to help.
As a plat zerg player I can say that planetary fortresses with turrets typically force a zerg to macro up and get to tier 3 units, which will give you time to form the infrastructure you need to compete with zerg macro. Also drops are very important - even if they "fail" they throw off the zerg's groove and force us to play more defensively. Oh and don't engage on creep. Destroy tumors and wait for the creep to die off.
mass widow mine, they either mass zergling or muta
If your using thors I suggest Thor hellbat instead of Thor marine. Much better synergy and hellbat = awesome unit
I came up my own build vs zerg, after I was smacked right and left (master league 950 pts).

After I started using it, I am having good success. I just started out with it, so tweaks and such are going to be made, but anyway, if you are having problems in TvZ, you should look at this replay I am going to post.

Note: Do not lose the reapers or hellions. Do not overcommit with these units, because you need them if he does a 2base allin and/or when the true push comes. You only want to deny creepspread and his 3rd. ¤but this build and contain can kill him in lower leagues¤

Simple. Just mass mines and marines.
Simple. Just mass mines and marines.

Have you ever heard of the unit called infestor?

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