1 rax FE vs 20 lings

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Ok, so you're doing an 1 rax FE. You have your bunker with 3 marines in it, the theoretical maximum you can get with the build order.

Suddenly, 25 speedlings flood into your natural and your bunker and your marines evaporate before it has the time to kill more than like 3 lings.

What do you do?
What can you do to scout it (not hatch first)?
How can you react?
well depending on what you scout i recommend the fallowing solutions.
if scouting and see a 14 gas 14 pool build CC on high ground fallow up with a reactor-ed hellion into banshee play like this one http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/3OC_Hellion_Banshee_(vs._Zerg)
also if doing a 1 rax FE get the bunker against a wall to limit surface area for the lings u can always pop out and shoot the zerglings and run back in FF the lings if they all go for the bunker if u chain them down u can get 8-15(depending on surface area) before the bunker goes down then you can try and kite if you already have hellions on the way good bye pressure. but the easiest way is just to drop CC in main and float it down after you upgrade to OC.
another decent build is this from a 1 rax expo

hope this helps yah :D maybe i spammed to many links let me know im trying to become a decent poster.
To scout it look at his expo timing, and then hold any xelnagas you can, if its a map where that won't help you scout it then have an scv outside of his base so you can see if a swell of zerglings pop out. As for when it hits evacuate your scv's from your natural into your main if you can, lift your CC into your main, and repair your wall you should be just about to get reactor hellions so once you get 4-6 hellions you can go push them back.
You should have 2 hellions by then

Make sure ur bunker is close to your cc for instant repair
If it's not hatch first (like you say) then just build your bunker on your high ground. Turtle up til you get 4 hellions out. Take your natural/bunker while you get more hellions 6-8 (up to you)
You probably will want to drop a scan if he is on one base to see wtf BS build he is trying so you can easily counter it.
Sorry for the confusion, but this was hatch first. I was trying to convey the idea that it wasn't enough to check if he went hatch first.

Pool first is easy to deal with. But this bull!@#$ hit like lightning from a clear blue sky.
You should have 2 hellions out. If its mass lings I flee my scvs to the main lift the nat and have my hellions behind the wall until I have 6

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