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So Terran has mule cause we can't produce worker as fast as the other two race. And every time we build something, 1 scv will not be mining. But what about when we get to the point in the game where Terran catch up in worker count? Then wouldn't we be mining more than the other two race for the later stage of the game, despite having the same worker count?
later game sack SCV's and use mules/scans more. This lets you have a larger army size to equalise the slower production time of Terran.
As the game grows longer, you need to know where the enemy is at pretty much every point in the game.

You need to know where your opponent is when you attack.
You need to know where your opponent is when you expand.
You need to know where your opponent is when you drop.
You basically just need to know where your opponent is.

Terran has no observers or creep vision, so this means a lot of scanning.

Lower league players attack blindly a lot, but they also have awful macro and can't spend the money they get from mules, so it all works out.

This game explains the concept pretty well: http://drop.sc/326061 -- It's a TvT. We have the same APM. Our macro is largely on par. Our armies are the same size. He has better upgrades. I crush him like a bug. Why? Map awareness. I had it, he didn't. He didn't see my push coming, and was caught with his pants down. He could have easily held it if he'd just sprinkled some units along the attack paths. In this case, I used units instead of scans (common in the early-mid), but in the late game you mostly use scans.

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