Does this laptop meet requirements?

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Getting a laptop for my younger brother, he likes to play SC2 every now and then, just wondering if this would play alright on medium settings.

AMD E-Series Dual-Core E2-2000 Processor (1.7 GHz)
750 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
AMD Radeon HD 7340M

Thanks in advance for any responses.
Processor is a bit weak, as is the GPU. I think it could probably run the game on low, but it wouldn't be an enjoyable experience. The RAM and HDD are fine.
Really? wow, I read a couple guys saying they were playing on medium settings "comfortably" oh well, Any recommendation for a smallish laptop like that which could play on medium?
I would've guessed all low graphic settings too. Check if those guys playing on medium is downgrading the native resolution.

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