(Story) On enemy ground.

Joeyray's Bar
Location: Mercenary Battleship

This was not going as planned... No, not at all, thought Commander Raymond. We were supposed to get out in the battleship before the Dominion noticed. Damned Resocs... Follow all their orders.

"Sir, we have an incoming transmission from the Red Victory. Shall I patch them through?", asked Lieutenant Rogers.

"No, they only want to threaten us. Focus batteries 2-6 on the Red Victory. We need to damage it as much as we can before warping to the rendezvous point." Ordered Raymond.

And to think... Raymond had been a Dominion Commando a few hours before... His newly formed mercenaries were the remnants of his squad, after getting orders from Mengsk himself to destroy a Zerg hive cluster in a suicide mission. Mengsk doesn't give a damn about is soldiers, he thought, those datalogs on the wrecked battlecruiser were right...

Activating his comm,"All crew, brace for warp. We need to get to the rendezvous. Keep to your stations, and brace for warp on my mark." Ordered the aforementioned Lieutenant Rogers.

Dominion Log 22347: They warped to an unknown location, but they did a substantial amount of damage to my ship first. No scans nearby have found them. Mengsk will be pissed to hear this, already bad enough he has Raynor to deal with.

3 Hours later, Arriving at the rendezvous...

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