Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVI

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I nod and put on the leggings, locking them in place and rolling my shoulders. "Good to know. Care to share what you know about that engagement ring on Tari's finger?"
I chuckle;
"I knew you weren't going to miss that. Sam and Tari are engaged. They want to keep things quiet, so don't go blabbing. Oh, and I signed on as bridesmaid..."
"Good for you. I'm not about to be any kind of groomsman though." Putting on the chest piece, I stretch then grab the revolvers, putting them on my belt line, adjusting to the weight. Turning to Alicia, I sigh. "How do I look?"
"Not bad, not bad... how well do they draw? 'Cause I'd move them down a bit, but that's just me."
Taking a moment to remember the lessons I'd gotten, I grab the grips and draw quickly and smoothly, aiming flawlessly, but my fingers well away from the triggers. "Draw fine."
Needle spines hiss through the hallway almost hitting Zack "You hurt them, you hurt me." a voice echoing from the hall way. "You Terrans make rash judgement, he was trying to converse, then he decided to leave but heard the commotion and turned to take a look, then you assault him, you do not know all Changeling, no one does."
"Never said I did, and I let him be until he ran like a drowned rat for you." Destron finds his tail impaled by a spike of shadow, a fireball taking him full in the chest, burning him badly. "There are things people don't want you to know, and that's something you need to learn." I toss the headless body of Deathwing at him. "Have fun with that."
I sigh and look around at the three that were obviously superior to me even though two were only about my age. "Could I just fry him?" I ask a bit of electricity sparking between my fingers.
I arch an eyebrow again. "Hmm interesting."
"He was already heading back for me Changeling. He just turned around to see what was going on before continuing heading back to me." I say in pain from the wounds but it was healablle.
"Sadly, no. One rule of the Academy is to not kill any of the students." I reply with a sigh.
"Awe but he seems like a bit of a pest. One I would enjoy squishing even if all it would take is a thought." I say frying some of Destron's less important electrical systems. I sigh and continue towards the Cafeteria.
"Like I said, he was fine until he ran for you like a drowned rat."
I grunt and nod, before giving the guns a nervous look;
"Ah, Terance? Are they currently loaded?..."
Sorry, TOR on the brain.

IC: I shake my head, flicking out the cylinders and showing them to her. "I checked them before putting them on."
I sigh in relief and chuckle, before patting him on the cheek, grinning wickedly;
"Good boy."
Flipping the cylinder shut and flipping the gun around so I had it by the barrel, I lightly tap her on the head. "I'm not a dog. I bite." Grinning evilly, I snap for emphasis.
My grin widens as I give him a quick kiss on the tip of his nose;
"Um hmm... Whatever you say punk, whatever you say..."
The clasps on his armor popping open all at once.
I shake my head and close them again, grinning. "Oh no, not now. You've a match against a freaky Swarm Host. I'd rather you be ready for that."

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