Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVI

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After I finish the beam with no problems at all I examine my handiwork, the dummy was absolutely destroyed and the wall where the beam hit was scorched. I then hear the intercomm and realize its my turn to fight and I race for the sim room.
IC: Sam wraps his arms around Tari to pull her in closer as he kisses her with passion. "I'm starting to think one of us is spoiled or maybe both of us." He says with a happier tone.
I nod. "Agreed. I still wish I could change what happened. Except then I likely wouldn't be here now."

"Perhaps." I say.
IC: "isn't that what everyone wants? Power..... insurmountable power to win against all odds. When i became a spectre for a short period i thought i acquired it..... but then i realized in the world of exceptional people like me i was on the weak side." i say punching the wall "in the end, i still had to be protected"
I shake my head. "I don't want power. I just want to undo the event. Make it so the Xel-naga never came. The loss of our homeworld is still felt by every Elerian even though none of us were alive when it happened."
IC: "its the same thing. With power anything could be undone. But its just something I don't have and you don't have either"
I simply nod in reply.
"Your face says otherwise, Alicia." I stop and face her, looking her in the eyes. "Be honest with me. What's up?"

I shake my head;
"Alright, if you're sure..."
I go on to explain what happened, using psychically shared memories when necessary;
"So yeah, that's about the gist of it. Part of me really wishes that Tari had simply given a polite 'oh, no thanks' and left it at that. Would have made things so much simpler..."
I say with a sigh.

Not on much today/tonight.
IC: I punch the wall again. "I wasn't able to protect anyone either......... No one....." i say tears streaming down my face.
IC: "I guess one of us has to give Alicia the terms of agreement" Sam say sounding alittle sadder.
I try to comfort Dante. "Its OK Dante."

"Not yet. I'm still not entirely sure if I want to go through with it and I don't want to freak Alicia out right now."
IC: "you don't know what its like. When your own brother murders your parents right in front of your eyes. The way they shielded me even in death, how i screamed that i didn't want to be protected........ that day was my 18th birthday. The day i was supposed to be independent, to take care of my parents for a change...... but in the end, they died anyways."
Shade killed her parents when she was younger with a butcher knife... *stops from continuing any farther because Shade didn't cry about it, she became stronger because of it in a weird... sickening way.*

* whistles while I think about what to do with our guest, Loni since SF isn't here*
IC: "So what now?" Sam asks before sniffing around. "Forget that question... I need a shower badly now."
"You're right I don't but that doesn't mean I can't help you cope with the pain and get over it. Everyone dies eventually. You just need to let go and move on. Never forget what happened just let go of the pain." I say trying to be as comforting and helpful as I can.

"Yes you do."
I remain silent and start walking again, my anger at a fine boiling point. "I'll answer that when I don't want to behead someone."
IC: Sam gives a slight annoyed look at Tari "You're no bed of roses either Tari" He says in a slight joking way.
IC: "it happens again and again......... with Cynthia too"
I flick Sam's nose and pout playfully. "Hmph."
"Dante ..." I soothe Dante not trying to protect him from the pain but deal with it.
IC: "i used to think i was cursed...... but really i'm just weak"

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