Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVI

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I glance at Cynthia. "Best you not know trust me." I say before heading for the door Sam was standing in.
IC: "You are some sort of crazy you know that." Sam says softly to Tari as he shaked his head.
I smile mischievously as I pass Sam. "Yes yes I do."
I shook my head... Noticing what might be going on. Not even knowing that Tari and Sam were engaged either. But I knew one thing... Terance was involved most likely. And if Alicia and Tari were talking... Alicia might have asked Tari something just as she asked I...

I blinked. Dangling in front of Terance's cockpit. Frowning. But still dangling so I would get electrocuted and a shard of ice hanging me up. Slowly learning. I mouthed the words, "We need to talk."
IC: "I guess that is why you are marrying me my love" Sam says before walking with Tari out of the hanger.
My eyes were intense on my distant target, not seeing Cynthia. That's when the IFF scanner detected a hostile in the hangar. The auto turret whipped around, easily at least a hundred 105 millimeter rounds tearing into the ledge in the hangar, killing whatever was hiding up there before the cannon resumed firing on the sand in front.

OOC: Do yourself a favor, Mecha. You want a three dimensional character, you need to have Destron and company learn that spying isn't welcome.
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easily at least a hundred 105 millimeter rounds tearing into the ledge in the hangar,
That is gonna cause problems... You did say in the hanger. That is a big no no... Though I applause you for attacking Razortooth...

IC: I was disgusted with what Terance was doing. So I froze his weaponry so they couldn't fire. Just putting enough ice so it was jammed. Easily fix as it probably just needed to melt. I know on the cockpit with a protective layer. "Open up or I'm breaking through..."
Razortooth saw the mech turning towards him and he quickly leaped out of the way of the guns, running across the ceiling and running out of the door.
I glare at her before activating the heater, melting the ice and resuming fire, then a repulsion pulse, knocking Cynthia off. A single thought echoed in her mind. Leave me alone.

Having felt Cynthia using her abilities, I blink to the Academy's hangar, taking note of the destroyed overhang and Terance's mech firing continuously into the distance with Cynthia nearby. Running quickly to her, I pull her away, taking a glimpse into his mind. "Let it be Cynth, trust me."
Zack forced me away quickly. I couldn't help Terance... for he was being too stupid right now. He was behaving like... me. "Zack, fine, but he's fixing the damage he did. Every last bit of it. I'll go find what he was trying to shoot at but knowing what he shot at... It's most likely Razortooth or Deathwing..."

{{Destron, report to the hanger before I turn you inside out and make your tiny little brain from exploding for not listening to a damn word we say. Or since you are a cyborg I can have Jessica reprogram you and you would never know...}}
"I'll fix it. Besides, it's just a stone ledge. He's...not exactly of sound mind at the moment."
My ears tingle slightly and I quickly look around my ship. "Someone musta mentioned me." I mutter as I shrug and go over a few of the logs that I had in front of me. They were the maintenance logs for all the ships and vehicles in the hanger. I wanted to know what parts were going where and to who and what ammo was being used most before requisitioning more.
"It's not just a stone ledge... It's something that is a part of the hanger... And fine. You can fix it. And I know that he's not in the right part of his mind right now. From how he is acting. He's pissed. And I have a clue on who he's pissed at." I say with force behind my voice. Starting to make my own conscious decisions. "He needs help. Hell... He'll probably be pissed if he finds out about what Alicia and me did while in captivity... And... This will continue to happen until Alicia forces herself to quit... or a damn miracle happens."
Destron: I slithered into the hanger, looking around alertly as I entered, ready for an attack.
I watch the chaos from the top of my ship. I knew there was nothing I could do to calm the Terran that seemed to be throwing a fit with his vehicle. I don't want to know what the hell is going on over there. I do want to talk with Cynthia but right now is not likely the best time.

I nod and nudge Sam in the ribs playfully. "Yeah I guess so."
"For his sanity and heart, not to mention the lives of his fellow students and his own, don't tell him what happened while you guys were captured. Whatever's set him off good." I shake my head, noting the bloody remains of Razortooth. "Destron. Of course."
IC: "So what to do now while we wait for Terance to cool his jets" Sam asks in the hallway
I just snort at Zack while playfully punching his shoulder. "Now I just need to talk to Destron..." Looking over at Destron, I froze his motors in place while I walked over. Kneeling on the floor as my eyes pierced into his. "Listen and listen good. You either start paying attention to what your slaves are doing. Or they will die and they might die for good. Maybe next it'll be your head that's chopped clean off. No one will protect you if you keep this up. Now quit or I WILL have Jessica REPROGRAM you completely and you would never remember."
I shrug thinking.
I chuckle and shake my head, retrieving a laser rifle from my makeshift work bench, toying with the settings.

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