Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVI

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IC: Sam goosed Tari before whistling a tone with a grin on his face.
"Cannot help it, my maker ensured gathering data was important. I will never stop unless I am all knowing." I say with my strained mechanical voice.
A small glimpse of a black fluid, much like crude oil, can be seen at the destroyed ledge in which Razortooth had been perched. Soon it retreated, and so was every biological component that was left of Razortooth after the explosion.
"No one is all knowing... It's impossible. Even Zack doesn't know everything and he's the Keeper of Knowledge... Ain't that right Zack?!" I yell out loud enough for him to hear. "Also... I'll give you one last chance. That's when I hand you over to Jessica. You have been given enough chances. And if you don't stop even then... I'm going to experiment on you with this project I'm coming up with that involves cryokinetics... And the cold will kill you."
"I know no one cannot be all knowing, therefore I can and will never stop." I say

OOC: Not much left of Razortooth....
I was extremely annoyed with this predicament. Annoyed that Destron was given so many chances and he just told us it's not his fault... It is his fault. For being free willed he sure ain't free willed. "Jessica?! He's yours!"
I glare at Sam but otherwise refrain from retaliating.
IC: Sam smiles at Tari. "Did that help you to figure out what you want to do?" He asks almost laughing. He knew he was about to get hit but thought it was worth it.
"Much like the Overmind was given an overidding directive to destroy and consume the Protoss I must gain knowledge, free willed but not." I say and I run for my room, the Zerg body produced enough heat to start thawing the ice quickly. As I reach my room I use my laser to start welding the door shut.
"There would still be a fair amount of his biomass left. Even an Odin's cannon cannot turn all biological compound into dust/air."

The black fluid slips into the vents, unnoticed. Slowly it creeps its way through, looking for the room in which Destron welds. Unknowing to Destron the shape crude oil-like substance pours down, and then starts to form a humanoid. At least three and a half meters tall, with glaring red eyes, with slights amount of orange in the middle. In its maw sat reddened fangs, and one arm was morphed, a blade structure was formed there. It growls, alerting Destron. "Consume... Lead... Decimate..." It pulls its arm back, waiting for Destron to make the first move.
My ears twinge again. {Damn it is there something that someone wants from me?}
I watch it carefully, trying to gather as much data as I could with my senses on the creature.
Not seeing Destron retaliate to its presence, the beast morphs. Its form matching Cynthia's perfectly. Then, in a voice only the slightest amount rougher than Cynthia's it speaks. "None shall save you. Not from me." The snapping of ligaments is heard, and the bone of its forearm starts to push outwards, slowly pushing through the skin of the palm, having pushed the handing into a hanging position. The bone finally protrudes the entire way. It smashes this newly protruded bone against the wall, and it takes the perfect shape of a bone blade, but none of it chips off. The creature strikes, plunging its bone into Destron's chest before morphing back from its Cynthia form back to its own.
"No." I say simply.
The creature only caused damage to my chest doors and severely harming Deathwing who was still inside my chest. I say over the comm {Hostile creature located in dorm 1, require assistance, not a student.} As I say this my launcher shoots an explosive round point blank into it's chest.
IC: "Want to just check out the Library see if there are any good books?" Sam Asks Tari. He had hoped that his goosing would have taken her mind off of Terance and Alicia.
Sadly for Destron, his comm unit did not work, and malfunctioned. When Destron fired into its chest, it simply opened up completely, allowing the grenade to fly harmlessly through, and then impact the wall. The creature stares into Destron's eyes, and slowly, Destron starts to feel great pain surge throughout his body, and slowly feeling was starting to be lost around the area of the arm blade, a tiny bit of it also spreading from there, but very slowly. "DNA... Feed... Matter..." It whispers to itself in its slow and raspy voice.
Retreating into the Windseeker, I curl up on the bed, the sound of the guns hammering away like Terance's emotions, angry and resentful;
"Terance... please..."
The words don't reach me, being blocked by the barriers around my mind, a parting gift from Katarn. The guns continue firing, each shot helping to calm me so that I could speak with Alicia without wanting to snap.

OOC: And that's my last post for the day. Night y'all.
"Sure." Why the hell did I have to say anything about wanting to experiment. Yeah I do but ... it's not worth messing with anyone's relationship which I might have just done to Terance and Alicia. I just hope Terance will believe what I told Alicia. I sigh exasperated and not guarding my thoughts as well I thought I was.

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