Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVI

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IC: i had woken up from my nap. Tired, and broken...... Its funny how the only person that can break my will was myself. I wandered through the halls, without purpose.
With a painful whimper, I let the roar of the guns and Terance's raging emotions pound me into unconsciousness...
Stopping the barrage, I sit in the cockpit, breathing heavily. Why? Then I see someone approaching from the distance. I shook my head in disbelief before climbing out, drawing my swords. The approaching figure drew his rapier, speeding up slowly to a run, then to a sprint. I follow suit, my swords out to either side of me, Terrafirma auto-piloting to it's spot next to Windseeker.
I heard the weaponry stop as a vehicle walked in next to another. I sighed and gave a frown. No one was in it. Terance was doing something stupid... not surprising. That's when I walked back over to where Zack was. "Don't tell me Terance is walking out in the desert... It's about to storm soon." I point out.
IC: i went to the training room, hoping practice might help me. But sparing with the bots drew nothing out of me. I fought coldly, a knee here, an elbow there. Though i was concentrated nothing drew emotion out of me.
IC: "I'm not going to lie, you don't always think things though" Sam says as they get closer to the Library. "This is just one event in their relationship like it was for us. Still you may want me to talk to Terance before you do."
"Doubt it. Might just be blowing the last bit of steam. I'll go check on him in a few." Bringing it up and targeting the target I'd set up, I fire, a single, short red beam coming out and impacting 4 inches to the left. "Damn..."
"I'm not scared of him Sam and I can handle myself. I love you but your getting a bit over protective."

I quietly watch Dante spar with the bots as I come up with an idea that might help him.
IC: "It isn't becuase of that... I don't want to be stuck working in medbay becuase he losses his temper tries to attack you and hit someone else. besides I need to talk to him anyways" Sam says sighing as they entered the Library. "Just find something you want to read or watch becuase it will be awhile Terance cools down."
I nod and go to the Fantasy section of the library.

With a sigh I get up and take a step off the top of my ship but instead of falling I walk onto an Ion Shield which lowers me to the ground. I let it dissipate as I head over to Cynthia and the other changeling I still didn't know the name of.
IC: Sam heads over to the video section of the library and starts to look for a good movie. He picks up Army of Darkness and theRomatic - comady movie I married a Bannling before heading to find Tari.
I was sitting in the corner of a small couch enjoying an old Fantasy book the title of which was hidden from Sam because I had curled more or less into the fetal position while I read.

"Hi Cynthia and ... either you can tell me your name or I'll make one up." I say completely serious yet joking at the same time.
I just gave an annoyed gaze towards Zack before walking off with Jake back to my ship. I was working on it after all. "Now... Was that pointed at Zack or me?" I ask, clearly helping him know Zack's name as well. "And it's Cynthia of course."
IC: Sam sits down next to Tari. "So what you find?" He asks
IC: i gather electricity into my fists as i ram a bot's head into the wall, pulverizing it completely. I take a break from sparring and sit on the floor and stare at the ceiling.
"That was pointed to the other changeling. So his name is Zack?"

I look up at Sam for a moment before returning to my reading. "Eragon."

"Dante you seem on edge what's up?"
I gave a nod as I slide under my ship again. "Yep! His name is Zack and technically I'm his daughter... Biologically and by blood now. Yet in essence, it's Shade and Zaros who are my parents... It's kinda hard to explain, but oh well."
IC: "interesting what is it about?" Sam asks before looking for a book himself
I slide under the ship with Cynthia wanting to talk with her more. "So I take it that like myself you haven't always been a changeling?"
Jake could see eyeballs within tentacles as they weaved through certain parts with tools. Doing maintenance as I seen a lot of stuff that was wrong. Sand in here, something melted there... Of course... something frozen over here. "No... I was the more... recent. Maybe a week ago? A week and a half perhaps... Zack brought me back from the dead. I have somewhat more control over myself. Shutting out the call for revenge right now."

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