Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVI

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Following her in, I remove the holster and set my blades aside. We wouldn't need our weapons yet. Stepping into the ring, I turn on the dampening field so we couldn't hurt each other in case there was a discharge from Alicia's gauntlets. Sliding into an easy ready stance, I beckon Alicia to come at me.
I need to hit the sack shortly.

Charging forward, I throw a quick one-two punch for his kidneys and head.
Go ahead, I've got serious TOR on the brain.

IC: Blocking them smoothly, one blow knocked low, the other high, I strike back at her with a two handed strike, my wrists together, Ki blowing her back a short distance. "You telegraph your movements. Ever hear of minuet muscle twitches?"
I shake my head;
"Stef or one of my old instructors might have tried to tell me about them, but I certainly wasn't paying attention at the time."
I say with a wry chuckle, gesturing for him to go on.

I sigh, shaking my head. From the sounds of it, rebellious was an understatement. "Alright, try and read this movement based on my muscles." (PS, I'm attempting to teach her something, so don't. XD) I slide forward, and strike low, towards her stomach, but switch up mid blow to a chest blow, connecting and sending her stumbling. "Could you read it?"
IC: "you wanna take it for a spin?" i ask
I look at Dante incredulously as I inspect the Vulture a bit. "It ... doesn't seem very safe."
IC: i toss her a helmet "I don't ride cause its safe" i say grinning before putting on the helmet
"OK." I put the helmet on not entirely sure about the Vulture. I had ridden a few things similar to Dante's Vulture but those had been Elerian, Val-Traxian or Kitsune made, much safer and more advanced.
IC: "Don't worry trust me" i say gesturing for her to hop on behind me
I nod and hop on behind Dante. I wrap my arms around his waist. "Yeah ... trust a Terran contraption that looks like a floating death trap. Not to mention the half crazy Terran that owns it." I say serious for the first part and joking with the second.
IC: "you haven't seen nothing yet" i say flipping down the visor as i ram the accelerator as the vulture speeds out of the academy "oh and this is my first time riding this and it also has 2 more thrusters than its supposed to" i add quickly as i focus on driving putting a song on in the helmets.

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trust a Terran contraption that looks like a floating death trap.
True story. Because it is.

IC: I watched with boring annoyance. Expressing it openly on my face as Zack did attack a student... Not directly, but indirectly. Even if he wasn't going to kill... he still attacked. "Zack, you did assault him, even if you didn't mean to try and hurt him... You DID PUSH IT FIRST. And yes, you are also helping me..." I say with a grouchy tone of voice now... This bull!@#$ was getting old.
I look at Cynthia noting her tone of voice and expression. "I ... I think I should return to my wanderings." I say about to leave.

I clench tightly to Dante at first before I loosen up and enjoy the ride. "You really are crazy at times."
IC: "i am a spectre after all" i say as the vulture runs up a rock as i use it as a ramp spinning 360 degrees horizontally before landing, not loosing any speed due to the gravitational thrusters.
OOC: Well, I may have a retort. Mind if I blow your mind out the window with a small song?

Shir walked down the halls, leaving Jen behind for now. He walked into the hanger, and began to flip his gun around in his hand on the ramp to his ship.

OOC2: Forgot to mention not to listen to the rest of the songs when someone else is in the room. Just for humiliation purposes. *Evil Grin*
I cling to Dante enjoying the ride but scared anyway.
"This one doesn't learn from words, Cynthia. You'll meet a few like him in your long life."

OOC: Where the hell is War?
I enter the hangar and look around at the other ships. I walk among them admiring the handiwork and skill that went into many of them.
I shake my head. "I'm talking about Jake... I don't give a !@#$ what happens with Destron. He's been asking for it."

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