Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVI

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I shrug, watching Destron to make sure he didn't try anything. "Only way one changeling can be sure of another outside our link, and he's not...related to Andy..." As I finish the sentence, an idea occurs to me that might just solve Cynthia's loneliness issue.
I almost flinch for the oddest reason. Looking back at Destron and then Zack. "Still... you could have warned him... Or even yet just ask him. And yeah, I noticed..." That was when I felt Zack scheming almost... Blasted connections can do that... "You are thinking what I think you are thinking... right?"
Destron: I let out a low growl, letting the Terrans and Changelings know I wanted Razortooth back, now.
IC: i yank the vulture completely sideways so the anti-grav thrusters were tilted forward stopping us and throwing up a good mound of sand. "so how was my driving?" i ask grinning
"It ... uh left something to be desired." I say shaking a bit.
"Nothing." I closed off my emotions and gist of my thoughts from the link, so anyone who had it could only feel my presence through it.
IC: "i'm guessing you're not into fast and somewhat death machine-ish rides."
I stop at a wraith. It seemed like every other wraith I've seen but I could feel that it was Zack's. "Hmm looks like a normal wraith for a normal Terran but there is bound to be more to it." I say to myself as I examine it as closely as I dared.

"Eh it was fun but I prefer to actually touch the ground when I'm in/on a ground vehicle." I say settling down but not letting go of Dante.
I frowned at what he could be thinking about. "Does this involve Jack and the fact that he's a Changeling yet not one of us?"
IC: I take off her helmet for her "Maybe this will help calm you down" i say leaning in and kissing her deeply
"Don't worry about it, I just had an idea for another addition to my Wraith's weaponry." Grabbing Razortooth from Korzis, I hurl him at Destron, his tail on fire. "Happy? Now get."
I sigh, shaking my head. From the sounds of it, rebellious was an understatement. "Alright, try and read this movement based on my muscles." (PS, I'm attempting to teach her something, so don't. XD) I slide forward, and strike low, towards her stomach, but switch up mid blow to a chest blow, connecting and sending her stumbling. "Could you read it?"

I shake my head, bits a pieces falling back into place;
"Nope... but part of that is probably practice on your half and a lack thereof on mine."

OOC: Where the hell is War?

School. I usually can get on by around 3:30-4:00 PST.
"Well, yeah that true, but I intentionally telegraphed my movements through minuet muscle twitches. They're small and difficult to see, but they're great help if you do."
I return the kiss for a moment before pulling back. "Sorta." I still had my arms around Dante.
Razortooth hisses and I stat to spit on the fire, it was slowly put out and then Razortooth leeped inside me after giving one last hiss and I go back to my room.
"Give it another go, I think I'm starting to remember a few things.."
I say, focusing in on him.
I chuckle and nod. "Soon as you remember it, we're going by instinct. I've a long time of practice not telegraphing my movements." This time, I go for a sweep kick.

I shake my head and sigh, watching after him. "Damned annoyance..." Shaking my head again, I start walking for the hangar, playing with a fireball. "Come to my Wraith later, Cynth. We can start working on your crytokinetics then."
Leaping over his sweep, I snap a point-blank kick into his chest.
I catch the kick and twist her leg, spinning her away and into the wall. "Good job. Now you need to stop telegraphing."
I grunt, getting to my feet;
"Right.. if memory serves correctly, that's a whole hell of a lot harder than you pros make it look..."

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