Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVI

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"I haven't seen you before, so there is one warning in this hangar. Don't touch, or an electrical field of the owner's concoction will find a way to cause you pain." Shir said to Jake, waving to him. He holstered his gun and walked over.
"Practice makes permanent. Part of why we're down here." Standing up and dusting off, I take a ready stance, beckoning her forward again. "Just keep at it and focus on controlling your muscles. However, trust your instinct with my strikes, I won't telegraph again."
Leaping forward, I throw a snap kick for his head using the leg I'd jumped with.
IC: i hold on to her to help "You sure you'll be alright?" i ask slightly concerned
I duck beneath the kick and come up on her left side, grabbing the leg and throwing her again. "Telegraphed the kick."
I sigh, getting to my feet;
"Here goes nothing..."
I mutter as I throw a kick for his left side, only to snap it around at the last moment, going for his head.
Ducking low, I kick her placed foot back, bringing her down into doing the splits and flip over her, my fingers at her neck like a blade. "Well done, but the switch up gave it away that time."
I smile and chuckle continuing to inspect Zack's wraith. "Electricity doesn't bother me."

"Yeah I'll be fine."
I sigh;
"Why don't you throw a few and we'll see how good my defense is."
IC: "good cause.... you're kinda crushing my waist"
I nod, sliding into a ready stance. "Ready when you are."
"Oh sorry." I loosen my grip considerably but don't let go.
IC: i hug her close to me "You want me to go slower when we go back to the academy?" i ask
"Just a bit."
Getting up, I settle into a defensive stance;
"Go for it."
IC: "I got it. You know what i like about the dessert?" i ask
"Solitude? Quiet? The heat and sun?"
I throw a punch for her gut, followed up by a sweep kick.
I block the punch and skip back out of the way, before moving in and flicking a jab for his face.
Remember that the moves aren't telegraphed.

IC: I knock the jab away and slam my palm into her upper chest, hitting a pressure point that made it harder for her to breath for a moment.

OOC: Gonna play some Elsword for a bit. bbl.

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