Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVI

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IC: "nope. The fact that i can drive and never come back. The sense of freedom. Although, as long as you're here i guess i'll always be back"
k. Good, have HW.

I jump back a pace, giving myself a moment to recover.
Jen: I was bored and I left the ecosystem, wandering about until I found my way to the hanger. I silently walked in and saw Shir and a guy who for some reason made my heart flutter, the last time I felt this was when I first looked at Tony at school, we were supposed to goto a movie Sunday night... "Stop thinking about the past god damnit!" I quickly hid behind a ship, it was retarded to hide but I couldn't help it, even I don't understand me all the time.
"The problem with that is that it may not even be electric. All I know about the zerg, and I still don't know what they would do to keep terrans off their ships." Shir said, considering if throwing a stone near the ship could set off any alarms. "Just throw a rock at her first, see if she will set off some sort of alarm. For all I know, Zach is watching you right now." He finally said. He sat back down on the ramp and re-checked his ammo.
Cap it's Zack not Zach

I chuckle and glance in the direction of a new presence. "Doesn't matter to me much I actually want to talk with him which is why I'm hanging around here."
I lean against the ship I was hiding and unfortunately this one seemed to have some sort of electrical grid and I got shocked, badly... A Psionic, "Owowowow." was broadcasted across the hanger as the shock knocked me onto me my back.
I smile and shake my head. "Well that is true."

I look over at the one that had just gotten shocked and sigh. I wonder why he or she had been creeping around as I walk over to see if the individual is OK.
IC: "Funny thing is you might think i'm a rash character but my favourite game is chess."
I give Dante a confused look. "Chess?"
IC: "its a strategy game"

"Are you OK?" I ask the ... person laying on the ground.
"Hello?" Shir looks around his ship, then spreads his search to the next closest few. "Did you need something?" He said, almost stumbling over Jen.
Reaching the hangar, I note that Jen had forgotten about Terance's electrical field on his ship and chuckle, shaking my head. Seems she's distracted with mister Jake...well, still, attention to detail would help prevent painful things like that. Walking over to my Wraith, I remotely activate the psi blades on the wings and below the chain gun, watching the power flow as I activate the engines as well. "Still seems stable enough," I mutter, making a few calculations, "but I know it could stand a little more fine tuning. Guess I'll do that once I'm done with the mine dispenser." Shutting everything down, I start work on designs for the mine dispenser.
IC: I was glad for my grey skin or otherwise I would havve turned bright read as he walked over. "Ummm, I'm fine." I say nervously." wondering how he would react to my alien appearance.
I help her up not caring how she looked. "OK well watch those energy fields next time." I say before I head over to Zack wanting to chat with him away from Cynthia.
I glance up from my schematic drawing as Jake approaches then return my attention to it, working on some of the finer details. "What?" I say as he reaches me.

"Ready for round three?"
"I still want to know your name and I was wondering about Cynthia."
"Sure... anything different this time around?"
Tugging on the deadly chases I'd attached to our weapons, I toss her hers. "Armed this time. And don't worry about causing serious damage, there's a dampening field that keeps the blows non lethal."

"I told you, my name is unimportant. What do you want to know about Cynth?"
I grunt hooking up my gear;
"I'm still a little leery about using a demo charge..."

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