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Clan RH has been around for over 9 years. Over the course of those 9 years there has been many advancements in E-sports as well as gaming in and of itself. The way gaming has been integrated into our society it has become an activity actively participated in globally. We were a Starcraft Broodwar clan and then progressed into Starcraft 2.

PRESENT DAY! 2013! We have returned raging warfare amongst the 3 races in the ultimate battle of supremacy! Or something like that...

We're a clan of 1200!+ members that represent the large family of Clan RH with about 800 daily active members. While we were originally a Starcraft 2 clan only we have progressed to become a Starcraft 2, League Of Legends, and more clan. Our main focus has always been Starcraft 2 but, obviously if a person plays a certain game the odds are they play more than one ;) so we don't expect you to only be interested in Sc2.

We realize many people don't feel welcome in such a large member base but, that's where clan RH differs from other homes. We don't have cliques or separated people that only play with certain people. We welcome new members in open arms and look to engage them immediately on teamspeak and in game to make you feel welcome. We offer a state-of-the art mentoring system in 1v1 gaming and in team settings for players who are struggling in their league and would like one on one time with a player above your league or even in masters. If you read this i'm sure you have a little idea of what the clan is about and for people who won't read this following is a list of an abridged version.

- 1200!+ active members
- State-Of-The Art Mentoring system
- Professional Website
- Working out the details of current sponsorship / in-process of getting sponsorship
- Organized APPROACHABLE leadership
- Well rounded assortment of league players ranging from bronze to masters
- Opportunity to excel and be promoted
- Fully Operational and Customized Teamspeak
- And More!

For More Information Please Visit:

I look forward to reviewing your applications & providing you with any information you might


*** When Filling out the application put in one of the Fields [Saw Marine's Post or put Marine or

sc2 forums marine somewhere on it] ***

To directly get in contact with me you're free to E-mail me at:
On a side note. We're also seeking an experienced PHP/SQL & IPB webcoder. One of our leaders doesn't have as much time as he used to and we're seeking someone with adept skills in coding to bring our ideas to life on our website. Just contact me via e-mail or the website. Thank you.

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I'll also be answering any direct questions here if you'd prefer here instead of shooting me an e-mail.
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Morning all.
Heading on sc2 talk to yallz soon
Up again and processing apps.
Off to work and can be reached @ my e-mail. It sends directly to my phone.
Back home processing apps
Do you guys do just HOTS? Because I don't really have HOTS. I only do WoL for now and am really into 2s and wanting to finally get masters. Me and a friend worked up from gold to diamond, but never got masters, maybe someone can play with me to get there?
We play HoTS mainly yes. In the near future we'll be doing tournaments and or certain events that might possibly give a HoTs game though. You're still more than welcome to join the community and then when you get HoTS and wish to play that you can get more invested in the gaming scene we have going on.
If you have any other further questions just let me know.
sent app in
Accepted :), Welcome to Clan RH
The website looks amazing
Why thank you sir.
Beautiful post sir.
Indeed nice post

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