The Reawakened War (Pt 3)

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The Gehha Warriors on-board their new home, a ship called the Emberlight, begin to relax and wait. Manta, the current leader of the Gehha, restores their modules and gains them access to their abilities within their suits.

Beforehand, however, some of them went out and volunteered for a mission, scavenging a wrecked ship for resources. They found something very important: Arachyn Catalyst, a material of unknown purpose to those who recovered it. Along with this, they had recovered the pod of another Gehha: Seraphim.

Some had observed a match of King of the Hill on the Holo-Deck, and Gravitas requested a battle against a Hilfur Team, which at this point, wasn't going well. Seraphim spoke to Manta, and his module would be installed within the hour at the earliest.

PRP Thread/Sign-up location:

The grenade impacts on the cover but does nothing to the person behind it. More rolling bombs approach, and the rolling device begins its approach as well. More gunfire starts up as three Troopers open fire on Gravitas as he moves.
Gravitas fires his grenade launcher at the troopers, and without even bother to reload his grenade launcher he switches to his pistol and fires it at the rolling bombs. As he does this his grenade launcher reloads itself with him using his gravity manipulation. He looks at the turret for the operator, ready to draw it in and blow its face apart.
"Of course you'll be helpful and honestly I hope it isn't very hard either but ya never know."
IC: "True but I also wonder if we will ever have some down time off the ship... I would like to visit a forest or something with a lake.. Maybe it has something to do with my module but I do perfer natureal areas over this.....steely cage in space" Lotus said looking down at her feet.
The grenade hits the Trooper, who falls on his butt, but then gets up again and continues firing, his heavy armor absorbing the force from the grenade. A few rolling bombs get destroyed, but one breaks through and sticks to his leg. The Heavy Machine Guns spray his direction again, forcing him to put his head down or get hit.
I chuckle. "I don't much care for this ship either but for now it's home. Perhaps once we have retaken our temple it will be planet side and there will be forests and a lake."
Heading to level 4, I stop by the mess hall, definitely in need of something to eat.
IC: Lotus sighed again. "So where are we suppose to go again? and you're right but I still hate feeling caged in"
"Well we don't have any orders for where to go but how about we go hit the mess hall and get some food?"

I nod.
Damn it. Gravitas thinks to himself as he puts down his head and covers it with his arm. As he runs he uses his other leg to kick the ball off before it blows and pulls out his grenade launcher. He fires blindly in the direction of which he last saw the troopers.
IC: "I could use something to drink but not really hungry so lets go" Lotus says with a yawn
Throwing off the ball with a kick fails, and it blows up on his leg, not blowing off his leg, but hurting him enough to cause him to fall. As he falls to the ground, the Heavy Machine Guns open fire with the other three troopers....
....and the simulation ends. Manta moves away, heading off to the Ops Room.

OCC: Night all.
I grab a bite to eat; a large bowl of minestrone with a side of garlic bread.
We enter the mess hall and go through the line. I get a roast beef sandwich, a soda and some fruit.

I get some pizza and a soda.
IC: Lotus gets a cup of iced tea.
I nod to Lotus and Magnetron, gesturing for them to join me.

Seraphim doesn't know Stalker though.
War Stalker is there too.
IC: Lotus sits at the Table with Seraphim as she waits for the others to get their food.
I give Lotus a look and chuckle;
"You really are the quiet type, aren't you?"
I half ask, half state, my voice casual and friendly.
I sit next to Lotus and start eating. Stalker sits across the table and begins to eat as well.

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