The Reawakened War (Pt 3)

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IC: Lotus just nodded her head as she drank her tea.
I chuckle and turn to the third person who'd sat down, (Stalker) offering a handshake;
"Name's Seraphim. I just got defrosted."
I return the handshake. "Stalker."
IC: Lotus just looked at him for a few seconds.
A message appears on the HUD.
Report to Hanger 5. Seraphim, Manta requests to know if you are going with them or not. You better go speak to her.
IC: Lotus finishes her tea before getting up to go to the Hanger 5. "Looks like we have a breifing" She says so softly its almost a whisper.
"Yep." I say before returning the trays.

I get up. "Shall we go?"
I grunt and get to my feet;
"Alright, I better be off."
I say, quickly finishing my food and heading for the hanger.

Not on much today/tonight.
OCC: War, please re-read the suit message. You are still missing your module as well.
Um. I thought Manta would be in the hanger...
"otherwise, be in the Ops Room on level 4 hour, at the least."

Said by Manta, on the topic of your module. She also isn't combat capable, what with missing both her legs and all. The time was shortened because of a mission, but I wanted to advance the plot some more and give people a chance to let some memories come up.
oops forgot that.

Remembering what Manta had said to me before I'd left, I alter my corse and head for the Ops room.
Reading the message, I nod to myself and stand up, heading for Hangar 5.
As Seraphim arrives at the Ops Room, Manta was no where to be seen, but the door to the SUIT ENGINEERING BAY was open.

As Grinder arrives at Hanger 5, two drop-ships were seen with their ramps down. Cicle stands between the two ships, and members of another team were gathering. A familiar figure stands in those who gathered: The Shadow-specialized female Warrior with twin daggers.
I enter the hangar Lotus at my side but not leaning on me. Stalker arrived shortly after.
Looking around, I poke my head into the suit engineering bay, not really sure what to expect.

Scratch what I said earlier, I should be on as normal.
Manta looks Seraphim as he pokes his head through. She nods toward the table, and says "Lay down."
I arch an eyebrow but nod and comply, laying down on the table.
Manta removes a plate of armor on Seraphim's back. She pulls out a module, and attaches it to the suit, wiring it up to the rest of the systems. She returns the plate of armor to Seraphim's suit, and says "Done."

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