The Reawakened War (Pt 3)

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"Like what you see?" I ask without looking at Lotus.
IC: "I might" Lotus says "Maybe I could give you a reward now."
I shrug. "Up to you really."
IC: Lotus sits magneton down on the bed before slowly stripping off her armor teasing Magneton as she rubs her body after all her armor is off. She then kisses him on the lips before only putting on a night gown and lays in the bed. "Like what you saw?" She teases
Patience, Steel. I will let you when I decide to. It will be soon, it will be tomorrow.
"Perhaps." I say a bit teasingly as I continue to just sit there.
IC: Lotus frowns and pulls the covers over herself turnning away from Magneton.
I sigh and slip under the covers behind Lotus before pulling her closer. "I take it you don't take being teased a little bit very well." I say.
IC: Lotus simply huffs at Magneton seeming to be upset.
I pull Lotus' hair out of the way and kiss the back of he neck. "You know I was just teasing." I say before whispering in her ear. "I really did like it but if you're gonna be this way I guess I'll just go to sleep." I wrap my arms lightly around Lotus' waist as I pretend to fall asleep.
IC: Lotus turned around and flicked Magnetons nose. She was smiling. "I was actting but you did just lose your chance for something more then just a tease." She says as she undoes her hair so it is not longer in a bun.
I chuckle and open my eyes. "Not actually asleep." I say with a soft smile and rest my forehead against Lotus'.
IC: Lotus kisses Magneton lips quickly before looking in his eyes. "You still lost your chance for now." She says in a teasing manner before closeing her eyes.
"What ever you say." I say before returning the kiss.
IC: Lotus put her head to his chest and huged him with her eyes closed. She was tired and would fall asleep soon.
"Rest beautiful Lotus." I say sweetly and soothingly as we both drift to sleep.

I had decided to go sit in that empty observation room I had found shortly after I first arrived. I was somewhat enjoying the solace.
IC: The lights in the room turn off as they sleep lotus snores softly as she sleep. She turned around in her sleep and held magneton's arm on her stomach with one hand.
The team with the Cryo-pod arrive at Level Three. They step out of the elevator, and start walking to defrost the Pod. Several Gehha traveled back and forth, however, once they see the pod, they step out of the way, almost reverently, their heads bowed to the Pod.
IC: Lotus rolled around in her sleep once more so she was facing Magneton. She was sleeping when she moved her hand down his face to his shoulder. She kissed him on the lips a simple peck before a passionate kiss while she slept.
My eyes open in shock at being kissed but after a moment return the kiss.

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