The Reawakened War (Pt 3)

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"Will they have the damnable rolling explosives that was in my simulation?" Gravitas inquires.
"Assume the worse." Cicle says, then glances over everyone again. "Any other questions?"
"None about the mission specifically. I'd just like to know what my squad mates specialize in. For those of you who haven't met me yet, I'm Seraphim. Medical and enhancement are my specialties.
"Atropy. You can guess who's." Nikku said, waving to Seraphim.
I nod to Seraphim and remain silent, but the shadows moving around me should have been an indicator. "How do the Hilfur fight?"
"Squad-based. Suppression teams pin you down while rolling bombs, teleport teams or Shot-gunners close in to eliminate you." Cicle replies.
IC: "Any support for this mission?" Lotus asks while checking her .50 sniper.
"I will be with Squad One, but you will not have support available." Cicle says.
I nod and stand up. "I think we're ready for the mission."
"Then load up." Cicle says. Squad One loads up, and Cicle follows behind them.
I beckon towards the others. "Let's move. I'd rather not have to explain to Manta why we failed."
IC: Lotus hurrys to load up. She made sure to have her seedlings and medkit.
I chuckle at Grinder's statement, boarding the dropship;
Nikku steps into the ship, doing a systems check on his suit as he went.
Gravitas, Ardeo, and Collision step into the ship, each one inspecting a weapon for every detail, be it for aesthetics or function.
Magneton and Stalker go onto the ship and take their seats.
"Strap yourselves in." The pilot says. The thrusters begin a steady rise in volume to a roar, and the drop-ship rises. It starts moving forward, and enters space.
{You will be dropped off some distance away from the AA Batteries to keep the drop-ship from getting shot down. It will be a hot landing when you get there, so you'll have to jump out of the drop-ship while it is still moving.} Cicle relays.
IC: Lotus puts on her helmet and pops a fresh mag into her 10mm. She wasn't going to be a weak link this time.
Nikku sat back in his seat, lazily throwing his seatbelt on. "How about we don't have any casualties? That's always a nice thing to put in a mission report." He said grimly.
"Keep the jives for when we all get back, Nikku." My helmet was on and I stood rather than sat next to the door, running through scenarios in my head. "We'll need to work as a team if we're going to survive."

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