The Reawakened War (Pt 3)

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IC: "I'll try to stay in the back and provide cover untill someone needs healing." Lotus says to everyone. "I forgot to ask the terain is this spaceship or nature zone?"
"I would like to be close to the middle of the group, if that's fine. I'll use my tranq. ammo if you tell me to." Nikku said.
"Who all has assault rifles or more specifically guns with plenty of ammo and range?"
I ask.

Zarkun, I'm waiting on Terance to get back to the ship in PKA before I'm going to do anything with Alicia.
IC: Lotus spoke up. "I have a sniper rifle and my side arm."

OOC: Zarkun is on swTor atm
Not surprised. I'm not going to be on in about an hour till who knows when.

I grunt and nod;
"Good, anybody else?"
I can't do anything with Terance until you get Alicia out of the ship. I have a plan I need her out of Windseeker. Also, what server?

IC: "We'll need to be fast. Longer we take, the stronger the chance of team one dying."
No, I mean I'm not going to be on here in about 30-40 minutes. Baby shower to go to.

"Agreed. A stationary solider is a dead one."
The drop-ship begins to shake more as it enters the atmosphere.
"Lock and load ladies." I draw my revolver and make sure it's loaded fully then holster it, pulling out my bow.
IC: Lotus gives a soft laugh before turning to Magneton. "I'll try to watch your back" She whispers to him.
"And I'll get yours." I say readying my rifle.

I stand up and move to the door my stealth field ready to activate and pistol in hand.
Slipping to my feet, a swirling light envelops my hands briefly before flashing out to Collisio's assault rifle and Lotus' sniper rifle;
"Hardlight ammo enhancement. It'll give your current magazine improved armor penetration. The affects will only last for a bit, so use them up."
I explain, a soft glow faintly emanating from both their guns.

Jester, a link to the PRP thread in the OP would be nice.
OCC: Done.

The ship continues to shake, and sets Stalker off-balance. The pilot curses, and says "Sit the hell down, we aren't even close to near the drop-off point, and I don't want to have to clean your blood off the ship."
IC: "If nothing goes wrong this mission I may give you another reward" Lotus says while hanging on to the straps.
I sit down but keep ready to get into action when the time comes.

"Something will likely go wrong." I say matter of factly.
"ETA to drop point?"
IC: "well then I'll give you a lesser award if you only get me out of there saftly and we complet the mission" Lotus teases with a whisper
"The ETA is when we get there." The pilot growls. The shaking lessens, and he says "Feel free to move around the ship now. Stack up at the ramp."
I take the lead, nocking a cluster bomb headed arrow and waiting.
I simply nod and stand up rifle at the ready.

I stand up and wait pistol at a low angle away from me and towards the door.

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