The Reawakened War (Pt 3)

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IC: Lotus stacks up near the rear of the group with her sniper at the ready.
Drawing my machine pistol, I check it's mag and stand at the ready, light slowly starting to play at my hands again.
Nikku undoes his seatbelt, and gets his rifle out.
OOC: Off for the night.
The ramp begins to open, the wind howling as the Drop-ship flies in, low altitude and high speed toward the target. "Have a nice day, and thank you for flying Havoc Airlines!" The pilot yells.
IC: Lotus checks for targets while waiting for someone to jump out first.
With a sigh I push my way to the door and jump out first.

After a moment I follow Magneton.
IC: Lotus jumped behind Magneton and used him as a sheild. She felt bad for doing that but he would be getting a reward if they all made it back alive. "anyone see anything" She says via the com
With a grunt, I follow them out, limbs spread wide to slow my decent, ready to tuck and roll before impact.
I activate my Magnetic Acceleration ability and use it to slow everyone's decent allowing them to land lightly and on their feet. A moment later I land with Stalker near by and Lotus behind me. I watch Seraphim wondering if he will be able to deal with the Mag accel or not.
IC: Lotus drops to a kneeling postion with her sniper rifle up looking for targets. She gives a tumb up to Magneton to show she was ok and to say ty.
Should probably wait for the other RPers and DM before we go much further.

Quickly adjusting to the mag accel, I drop to the ground feet first, machine pistol at the ready.
Gravitas launches himself out of the craft. The gravity directly around him increases greatly, causing him to be pulled ever faster to the ground, and at the last possible second, the gravity disappears completely and he puts himself into a stand position before resuming normal gravity. Behind him land Collisio, who had done the standard tuck and roll approach, giving an "oof" as she hits the ground, and Ardeo a few seconds later in a fireball, trying for dramatics, though almost landing on his face, his only savior being an attentive Gravitas.

"You are an idiot. They probably know we're here now." Gravitas says, moving to strike Ardeo with an iron slap.
Nikku drops out off of the ramp, using his staff to guide his descent. "Touchdown in three.. two.. one." He said, landing on his knees, gun up, staff beside him. "Probably should have braced a bit more." He got up slowly.
The Drop-ship roars ahead, breaking off. An Anti-Air gun comes to life and starts firing at the ship, but it escapes unharmed by the AA-Gun's barrage. The gun falls silent, and the drop-ship recedes into the distance. A way-point appears in the compound, marking the location of the reactor.
IC: "They are waiting on us to take out these AA-Guns I say we move quickly." Lotus says softly
I was already moving for a door, having switched to a broad head arrow. "Then let's move, eh?"
"Right behind you."
I say, following closely behind Grinder.
Nikku follows Grinder, simply nodding without talking.
IC: "I'm right behind you" Lotus says to Grinder.
As the group advances toward the objective, the sound of something else heading for them is heard. "Roger that, checking the location now. Stand by." A voice says, a male voice augmented by cybernetic implants. Clanking feet is heard as a Hilfur team continues on their path, the sound of buzz-saws heard with the footsteps.

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