The Reawakened War (Pt 3)

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I stop and signal the team to either side of the hall and begin to focus, the shadows already preparing to flood the hall at my command.
IC: Lotus takes aim down the hall while keeping a handful of seedlings in her non-trigger hand.
I step to the side and shoulder my rifle ready to open up on the Hilfur if needed.

I activate my stealth field and quietly move to observe the Hilfur.
Collisio quickly pulls herself to the side of the hall, her rifle at the ready, she is followed by Ardeo with his pistol, and Gravitas with his mace.
Nikku trains his rifle on the corner crouching against the wall. He set the first setting on his rifle. (Burn-mode)
I duck into cover next to Grinder, charging my machine pistol with hardlight ammo.
The Hilfur team advances, moving forward toward the zone where the Gehha had be dropped off at. One of them fiddles with his pistol while they move, and looks up. He stops, and says "Hey. Anyone else seeing this?" He points to a shimmering figure (Stalker), and the others stop. The others stop, and turn toward the figure. One of them, a female carrying a Heavy Machine Gun, says "Hieth. Imagining things again?" Her voice gave note of authority, and Hieth shakes his head. "I swear I can see someone, just look!"
I roll my eyes at the group of Hilfur. I make sure my helmet is set so it won't allow the Hilfur to hear what I say before opening a secure com to the group. {{Take em out or ignore?}} I ask moving a bit closer keeping a watchful eye on the one they called Hieth.
IC: {{If we let them pass we may have an easier time getting to the AA guns unnoticed}} Lotus says in the com lin
{{Stealth. The longer we go unnoticed, the better.}}
{{Take 'em out. Only one of us can cloak, the rest can't. They'd be a liability.}}
"See? !@#$, anyone else seen that?" Hieth asks, and one of the other Hilfur tilts his head. He grunts, but the female Hilfur Squad Leader says "Seriously? Seriously? Are we all becoming paranoid now? %^-*ing pussies, there is nothing here." Two of the Hilfur glance at one another, and one shrugs. The female perks up as her communicator beeps, and she takes a step away, speaking to someone else behind her closed helmet.
I mentally cure at them for their indecision. {{Consensus please.}}
Without warning, the shadows envelope the hall, limiting few to less then 2 feet and an arrow comes out, going through one Hilfur's head. {{Strike now, they can't see you.}}
All of them jump, and the female yells out. "Hostiles! Command, we are under attack, and we have intruders in sector Alpha 5! Send any available units NOW!" She and the others begin to fire, rather blindly. Hieth unleashes four rolling bombs, which immediately find Grinder and roll toward him.
I quickly stab the other two guards through their helmets. I pull out my pistol and shoot the one that had been in charge in the torso a couple times.
One of the ones stabbed in the helmet continues to fight, the wound not mortal. He fires at Stalker, now knowing her location, as well as the Squad Leader.
IC: Lotus fires her .50 at the one who fired at stalker. {{Great now they all know where we are}}
Can allies see through the shadows?
{{Well, that would happen eventually. Now that's that many fewer on Team One.}} Spotting the balls, I put an arrow through each one, leaping away. {{Gravitas, those the things that were in your simulation?}}

OOC: Yes. It's meant to hurt the enemies sight. However, it's still unsettling for allies.

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