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The internal battery has been dead for about 4 years. What's the best way to open the game pak and replace the battery? BIC pens would be my absolute last-resort. I tried a small screwdriver already, didn't work.
A hexbolt(?) wrench is what I've heard would work, but I have no idea if they make those wrenches that small anymore.
The security bit for those cartridges is fairly proprietary. You can buy the bit for about $5-6. I believe the battery is a 2302 (the flat nickel sized ones). You want the ones that have the little arms on the sides; these secure the battery to the board better than those that don't.

To do it right you are going to need to sauter the new one in place (this is how the manufacturer does it). Check the volts (if you have a volt meter). They should read 3. Start a game up, and save the progress. Turn the system off, take the game out, let it sit for about ten minutes, then reboot it, and if your file is still there then you're good to go.

If you don't feel up to the task, do some research; there are bound to be shops in your area that can do this for you, otherwise you're looking at taking a gamble and buying a replacement cart for around $20-30 on Amazon or eBay. Hope this helps.
You could probably replace the game for less...

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