GTX 660 ti or Radeon HD 7950 ??

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Can't decide on which to get. I know the 660 slightly outperforms the 7950, but the 7950 has a better memory interface (if I ever decide to crossfire) and is a little bit cheaper...

Any thoughts about which to go with ?
Um, you've got your facts a bit wrong there. The 660 is roughly equivalent to the 7850 (the 7850 being slightly faster), not the 7950. The 660ti is roughly equivalent to the 7870 (once again the 7870 being slightly faster).

The 7950 outperforms the 670 and is only a little bit under the 680.

Not to mention, there is also a 7870LE which is a rebranded slightly slower clocked 7950 which performs VERY close to the 670 for much cheaper.
The charts I saw had the 660ti (OC edition) just above the 7950. But apon searching for more charts, the 7950 is indeed above the 660ti in most cases, so I guess that makes my choice easy lol.

Thanks for the help.
If StarCraft 2 is your main, you may want to consider going with Nvidia. Even the 660 outperforms the 7950 with that game (and is $100 cheaper!).



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