Important NEEDED changes for clan!

Clans and Groups
1.) Aside from increasing the current cap to 200-250.

2.) Fixing the member list for clans and groups, to have it show all the online players first and then the off-line players.

3.) The clan news update should also appear on its members' broadcast news on the main screen. (So no one will miss any important clan news w/o constantly checking the clan news area)

4.) Maybe allowing the leader do an one-time "clan tag name change" or even renaming the clan (that haven't been taken yet)

5.) Allowing leaders/officers to send a clan invite to non-member players while they are in a game. (It will pop up on their screen when game is over)

6.) Allowing leaders/officers to "force invite" clan members into the clan chat (same way how it works in a channel) it will really help make the clan chat active, without constantly reminding people to join

Any other ideas?
Speaking for TE, we agree with all of the above. 4 and 6 aren't huge concerns. The rest is crucial. Thanks for the post.
Thanks man! We need to have Blizzard to be inform about these issues.
On behalf of my entire Clan "The Confederation" we fully support this. We will NOT rest until Blizzard makes an official statement regarding these issues.
First of all i would like to point out that i support everything Luongshot has suggested, all these feature are essential for the growth of both SC2 Clans and the future of SC2 itself.

Next i would like to suggest some ideas of my own, that's very necessary for Clans and the management of Clans.

1. Allow Officers to be able to send out a mass message to all online or online/offline clan members. Example Hey Guys clan war in 20 mins get ready everyone...

2. Allow Officers to be able to see the last time a clan member has logged on, this is essential for the management of a Clan

3. Create a SC2 Build in Clan Tournament system, similar to what was created for WC3. Their should be two different Tournaments one for Clans only and another for anyone and everyone.

4. Create a better UI system, if you guys lack the talent in that big bubble Blizzard Company... than hold a public contest giving users the chance to show off their talent, tell them to design a better system. Because to be honest I'm disgusted by this UI system, i love you Blizzard from the bottom of my heart for as long as i can remember but you guys did not take your time with this UI system.

5. Clans need a better Ranking system, having one rank which is "officer" is just crazy O_O.. Does a army, company, school, government, have one rank system? ... Nopeee

6. Maybe allow Clan leaders to submit Clan Logos and have it approved by dedicated Blizzard employee or even have it community based. This will allow serious clan to be able to customize their Clan to the fullest.

7. Clan Officers/leaders need more admin privilege, such as to be able to mute a user for a certain amount of time.

i can really go on and on with this list but... To give you a hint the key to success is through your community, get them more involved and Blizzard will surpass its own expectations. Start interacting with members, start replying to issues that your customers may have, start showing your face around the community. Maybe get your employee more involved with the community, instead of allowing them to go on facebook and twitter ban that for your employees and force them on this forum and the built in Chat system make them chat with the customers, resolve issues.

I'm going to end here, till a Blizzard staff comments on this topic. Once a Blizzard Staff comments with a satisfying response, than i will continue to provide further ideas and detailed information that will help the growth of Blizzard and SC2.
The clan Im apart of Already Sent in a few petittions with over 80 signatures each. (Iknow not much) but still We need the clan cap RASIED. AND NOT to 200, More along the lines of 400+ Is needed

We need more replies! Keep posting to keep this thread on top.
So Blizzard, what is your standing on these issues?
The clan Im apart of Already Sent in a few petittions with over 80 signatures each. (Iknow not much) but still We need the clan cap RASIED. AND NOT to 200, More along the lines of 400+ Is needed

Clans that have more then 50 people in them make me want to vomit in my mouth!
Hello Blizzard,

We are still waiting eagerly for a response from you. We won't give up. We care too much about this game to let you ignore us.
From what I understand, the clan limit is 50. If you want more than that, you have to close the clan and remake it as a group.

I do agree though, the cap needs to be lifted, and I also agree with some of your other points.

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