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Hey guys I'm a high level diamond usually in the top 5 of my division. I'm specifically looking for a guild who can foster my growth and provide feedback so I can make a push to low/mid masters in the near future.
OMG hey bro

our clan is the best we are very active and we offer sick exclusive stuff at clan inf we offer coaching aswell so we can help u get to masters reallyy soon go to http://www.infgaming.net/forum/ and apply their u will love it
RHgaming.com you will not be let down !
If you want professionalism, take a look at Team Evolution. We focus on 1v1's to Teams, And a tight-knit community is our goal. We have dedicated Members and support in-depth structure within our Team. Clan Wars weekly both streamed and casted.

If you're interested, take a look at our site. If you meet the requirements, you can fill out an application!


Here's a preview of what we're about.

We have players who are trying to do the same thing, and we have players that have already made the jump. We also have players well above that level. I think we would be a great fit, we have endless opportunities for improvement. Check us out at teamelitestarcraft.weebly.com. If you have questions, you can message me (Code 651) in-game. Hope to speak to you soon, I'm sure you'd be a great fit. We have an extremely high retention rate, so players who join, stay! That says a lot. Best of luck!

Feel Free to check out FeverClan.com,
Over 900 members Strong.
Casual gaming clan / Community
Gamenights, Forum games, Clan wars, tournaments and more.
Support MANY MANY MANY games, Not just starcraft.

My Name For Fever Member Refferal When you fill in the Application.
(not when you register)

We Do Not Discriminate Ranks. We allow ALL Ranks.
But We Do Have ALOT 40+ Diamond - GM's

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