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Post what you like about Carbot's Starcrafts series, which episode you liked, what part about it you liked, etc. You don't have to put all of them on there!
"The derpiness of the Infestor and Ultralisk, and the fact that the Immortal dominates everything."
Hard to find anything I don't like about Carbot...
I probably liked the changeling episode the best, due to the Reaper being the Only Sane Person and the expressions on his face when that doesn't work out so well.
^^Hahaha, yeah, that was a good one xD
The Immortal and Phoenix.

The Immortal because it would shoot something three or more times it's size and knock it over, but needed to run away from a bunch of Zerglings.

The Phoenix... because of how it zoomed everywhere and pew-pewed as it flew circles around slower flyers (those poor overlords). I guess they captured the whole speed thing.

favorite moments were the zergling licking the forcefield and the infestor nural parasiting things (especially the helion)
The best part is that I found out that season 2 recently started :)
That was definitely one of the best parts.
Idk, they're all pretty good.
I personally think him and Wronchi Animations should do a co-op.
Eh, Wronchi is mediocre at best.

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